EB tresos ACO FOTA Handler

Over-the-air updates to your Classic AUTOSAR ECU software with EB tresos AutoCore OEM Extension (ACO) FOTA Handler.

EB tresos ACO FOTA Handler is a software component residing within the dedicated ECU, providing the mechanisms for over-the-air software updates in the most customer-friendly manner possible.

Updates occur during runtime, even when the car is running or parked at any spot where mobile communication is available. ECUs execute their functionalities as usual, even while the driver goes about their daily business. The driver is only prompted to act when the system requires a confirmation of the installation or a download.


Reduce ECU unavailability

Dual banking maintains both new and old software in the ECU, providing rapid update solutions without any vehicle downtime, also simplifying quick software rollbacks in case of errors.

Reduce vehicle downtime

Over-the-air updates ensure that the software is updated while the vehicle is in operation, without the driver visiting the garage for every update.

Available as add-on modules

The FOTA functionality is licensed as a separate software package, available in multiple OEM variations for EB tresos projects. These modules come pre-integrated and are configured to match specific OEM needs when purchasing the corresponding startup packages.

Up-to-date AUTOSAR compliance

EB tresos ACO FOTA Handler is available as a separate component within the AUTOSAR stack and aligns with the latest AUTOSAR requirements. It is also extendable with OEM-specific add-ons.

Key features of EB tresos ACO FOTA Handler

  • Supports A/B swap or dual bank memory
  • Security enhanced via HSM (data encryption, secure download)
  • Protects against unauthorized access using cryptographic modules
  • Faster software rollback in case of errors
EB tresos Bootloader architecture
      EB tresos ACO FOTA Handler architecture diagram (click to see the expanded diagram)

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