EB zoneo GatewayCore

automotive ethernet secure switch

Accelerate gateway functionality with optimized hardware utilization

EB zoneo GatewayCore is an industry first software, seamlessly integrating next-gen hardware accelerators of modern microcontrollers, to be used in automotive electrical/electronic architectures, thus optimizing in-vehicle network performance.

Traditionally, a variety of different tools must be used to configure the in-hardware accelerators and basic software-related parts in the AUTOSAR environment. EB zoneo GatewayCore bridges the gap between these two, as the first product in the industry which integrates the hardware-accelerators in the AUTOSAR environment in a smooth and systematic way. Its pre-integrated approach simplifies gateway configurations, saving weeks of efforts, associated costs and leads to significant performance improvements.

EB zoneo GatewayCore is implemented as a complex device driver in the Classic AUTOSAR environment, located between the communication drivers and the hardware abstraction layers. This allows to efficiently utilize hardware-specific mechanisms and simultaneously to have a connection to the communication software stack.

The provided flexibility of the EB zoneo GatewayCore is crucial for the most complex routing scenarios executed in domain or zonal ECUs of automotive in-vehicle network. Due to significant complexity, it is typically difficult to configure hardware filters and tables. EB zoneo GatewayCore successfully overcomes this challenge with a special configuration assistant for hardware accelerators which reduces significant integration time and work.


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In-vehicle network performance: gains achieved with EB zoneo GatewayCore

EB zoneo GatewayCore provides hardware-specific adaptation and acceleration for network specific tasks, such as CAN and Ethernet communication which leads to a significant reduction of latency and CPU load.



Hardware-optimized efficiency

Utilizes distinct hardware accelerators to achieve peak performance tailored to specific use-cases.

Flexible data routing

Supports routing within hardware (HW) buses, as well as multicasting and multiplexing between modules and protocols.

Integrated, cost-saving configuration

Simplifies complex routing scenarios quickly and effortlessly with configuration assistant in the standard AUTOSAR environment.

Key features

  • Hardware acceleration support for CAN communication
  • Hardware acceleration support for Ethernet communication
  • Automated configuration of hardware parts
EB tresos Bootloader architecture

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