Android Automotive: Theming Engine

theming engine

Customization and branding have never been more important to the auto industry

Delight customers while enabling new revenue streams

Elektrobit’s Theming Engine is an easy-to-use Android software toolchain and services enabling designers to brand, localize, and customize a vehicle’s user interface at any point during the lifecycle of the vehicle – without the need for a software engineer.

Leverage opportunities for further revenue generation with end users and business partners, improve overall customer satisfaction, and enhance brand loyalty beyond a vehicle or fleet’s point of purchase.

Strengthen the emotional bond between drivers and their vehicles by offering personalized themes to enhance user experience. Transform in-vehicle infotainment screens into flexible touchpoints to allow on-the-go support of brand strategy and easy rollout of updates over the air (OTA).

Decoupling UI design from software development makes it easy for designers to create and deploy a variety of themes including brand- or model-specific imagery, text types and color schemes; updates for seasons, holidays, time of day and anniversaries, geographic positioning such as current location or destination location; and much more. This decoupling supports the creative design process with uninterrupted workflows and makes programming capacities available.


Easy UI rollout

Variant handling across your brand is made easy through adjustable theming templates. Simplify localization to your regions.

Uncouple software from hardware

Extend vehicles’ lifecycle with adjustable and updateable UI at any point through OTA software updates.

Create new revenue opportunities

Offer various branded themes to end users along with existing and new business partners.

The Theming Engine Features

  • Theming Engine manager
    Activate and manage themes
    Communicate to other system partitions
  • Theming Engine manager SDK
    Implement Theming Engine manager into customer services/apps
    Customize Theming Engine manager, create further use cases for activation of themes
  • Theming Engine web UI
    Compile tokens into themes
    Compatible with design tools like Figma, Sketch
  • Theming Engine backend server
    For safety during development phase
  • Theming Engine store
    Provide themes during the development phase on Elektrobit server
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