EB corbos Studio

Adaptive AUTOSAR tooling

Integrated development environment for EB corbos products

EB corbos Studio is a versatile tool to develop and integrate applications according to the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.


Enhanced usability

Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the construction of automotive software tools.

Tool consolidation and open concept

Consolidates multiple development properties into one tool environment and offers standardized interfaces for seamless integration to infrastructure and build systems.

Standard compliance

EB corbos Studio offers full support for the latest Adaptive AUTOSAR releases.

One tooling for the entire Adaptive AUTOSAR stack

Adaptive AUTOSAR tooling detail

Adaptive AUTOSAR model editor

  • Graph and text user interfaces to create and modify all elements of the Adaptive AUTOSAR methodology
  • Edit the AUTOSAR model on a file basis or project basis to merge all ARXML files into one combined view
  • Reduces the complexity of the editor by focusing on user’s activity such as application design or integration
  • Verification and validation features


C and C++ Editor

EB corbos Studio offers C/C++ editing capabilities including:

  • C/C++ code editing with syntax highlighting, folding, and hyperlink navigation
  • Displaying type hierarchy, calling graph, including structure
  • Resolving macro definitions
  • Refactoring source code


Build environment function

EB corbos Studio offers C/C++ editing capabilities including:

  • EB corbos Studio is integrated with the build environment function for EB corbos products
  • Graphical control of build actions such as compilation, software execution, and debugging
Adaptive AUTOSAR tooling detail

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