Vehicle Verification and Validation Services

Vehicle Verification and Validation Services

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Vehicle Verification and Validation Services

For embedded systems, automated driving, connected solutions, and UX solutions

Guarantee highest software quality along the whole value chain for full-scale system development

In-vehicle software has revolutionized the driving experience, delivering a new level of comfort, convenience and safety. With an increasing demand for the latest connected features and automated driving functions, a sophisticated approach to software validation is needed. Elektrobit has more than three decades of experience in the automotive environment, with expertise in lean and agile principles. We develop state-of-the-art validation methods and processes to guarantee highest software quality along the entire value chain for full-scale system development.

Always innovation-driven, Elektrobit takes the lead in essential new technologies in the market. From the operating system level of a vehicle to the user experience of software solutions, Elektrobit’s long-lasting validation experience in the automotive industry helps your products meet the latest requirements.


Simulation technologies

Take automotive vehicle verification and validation to the next level. Elektrobit incorporates state-of-the-art simulation and automation technologies. Our experts are on the cutting edge of software qualification technology and methods and trained to adhere to the highest standards.

Custom solutions
for vehicle verification and validation

We aim to create any solution that our customers require. Our experience with various validation and integration scenarios, including onboard functionality, back-end infrastructure, cloud services, and mobile applications, enables us to solve even the most complex scenarios.

Continuous delivery workflows

We combine Elektrobit's products and third-party solutions with our customization competency to create maximum customer value at the fastest possible pace. We focus on seamless interaction with our customers' CI/CD workflows.

Focus areas

Vehicle Verification and Validation Services for infrastructure and ecu

Vehicle infrastructure and high-performance embedded controllers

As a premium AUTOSAR member, Elektrobit has successfully tackled the challenges of complex systems validation, e.g. integrated high-performance ECUs, with a strong, reliable, but also flexible test strategy – highest requirement levels, shortened time to market, and mass production.

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Automotive Verification and Validation Services for connected vehicles

Connected vehicle

Elektrobit's connected validation approach integrates robust testing of onboard components, back end, and mobile applications. We apply standardized approaches and scalable solutions to the complex architectures of remote diagnostics services and secure over-the-air update functions.

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Vehicle Verification and Validation Services for automated driving

Automated driving

Based on Elektrobit's field-proven EB Assist product line, we master the technology and methods for automated driving validation. Incorporating virtual testing as well as field tests with software and hardware components, Elektrobit provides a test environment fit to fulfill all the latest safety and security requirements.

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Vehicle Verification and Validation Services for UX

User experience and in-vehicle infotainment systems

With our 15-year history of putting premium OEM's HMI solutions on the road, Elektrobit offers a highly valuable turnkey validation solution for the UX/IVI software of tomorrow. With our experience in exploratory testing, we effectively pinpoint faults in complex system architectures. Our customizable testing solution incorporates extended simulation and analysis functionality which enables fully automated validation.

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