Events and webinars

Events and webinars

Meet Elektrobit’s team and learn about what’s trending with connected cars, automated driving, vehicle infrastructure, and user experience

Travel restrictions are in place but do not stop us from discussing the latest in automotive software development with you. Meet Elektrobit’s team virtually to learn about what’s trending with connected cars, autonomous driving, vehicle infrastructure and user experience. From our home office to your home office, our experts bring you up to date on the latest topics in automotive. Register now to set up your personal agenda:

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ECU development & AUTOSAR webinars

 Software development and validation process with decreased iteration

September 26, 2022
9:15AM Detroit/
3:15PM Stuttgart,
Automotive World webinar

Model-based software development and validation: speeding up the product cycle with decreased iteration

Speaker: ** Bastian Speth, Senior Business Manager, Elektrobit

Is there a bottleneck in your software development process? **

Automotive testing and validation requires a high number of complex features, variants, and markets that need to be taken into consideration with high-quality needs to ensure the minimization of risk and costs.

In this webinar you will learn how to prevent these bottlenecks and speed up your software development and validation process with decreased iteration.

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Upcoming events

Electronica Automotive Conference
November 14, 2022
Munich, Germany

Electronica Automotive Conference 2022

Speech: “How the Automotive OS disrupts the way we develop software“

At its core, the Automotive OS promises to uncouple software development from the vehicle platform. The success of such a software platform is determined by collaboration – or the lack of it – which will be the biggest disruptor in the automotive industry.

Moritz Neukirchner from Elektrobit Automotive GmbH will be sharing insights on the Automotive Operating Systems has requirements far beyond traditional software development. Specifically how the Automotive OS fundamentally challenges the automotive supply chain and development practices.


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Elektrobit EB robinos Predictor Speech at ELIV Marketplace
November 15-16, 2022
Baden-Baden, Germany

ELIV MarketPlace 2022

Speech: “Reliable and secure maps for automated driving“

Dependable HD maps will play an important role in automated driving, e. g., for sensor range extension, improvement of sensor performance or supervising the operational design domain (ODD) limits.
In automotive, maps have only been used for non-safety-related applications so far. Neither the map production processes, nor the map data quality of existing infotainment maps are yet sufficient for fulfilling safety requirements.
Challenges for using HD maps in safety-related automotive applications include:

  • Map accuracy and correctness
  • Freshness of the map data
  • Prevention of errors in the map production process
  • Prevention of map transmission errors
  • Handling of network unavailability and map production process interruptions

In this presentation, Steffen Kuhn, Head of Consulting at Elektrobit, will show how one of the remaining white spots in autonomous driving safety is being closed step by step.


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