Cybersecurity maintenance

Elektrobit’s cybersecurity maintenance keeps your Elektrobit software stack secured and its infrastructure available until the end of the lifecycle while monitoring, providing advisories, and enabling updates. It helps you to meet strict requirements and maintain high standards for cybersecurity so you can commit to more secure and safer vehicles.


Detect potential for cybersecurity attacks

Elektrobit monitors threats and evaluates events for the software version in production or in the fleet.

Respond on time to threats and security vulnerabilities

Regular cybersecurity advisories and software updates based on monitoring and vulnerability management agreement.

Recover to keep the software secured

Cybersecurity update is offered on request to recover the software from vulnerabilities.

Highlights of our cybersecurity maintenance

  • Keeps RfM software version and environment available until end of the subscription
  • Monitors and reports about threats and security vulnerabilities
  • Provides updates with cybersecurity incident fixes for the RfM version

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