EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield

automotive ethernet secure switch

Early detection and prevention of external attacks for in-vehicle networks

EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield inherits all features supported by EB zoneo SwitchCore with extra cybersecurity protection from Argus Ethernet IDPS, an Ethernet Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) developed by Argus. EB zoneo SwitchCore in conjunction with Argus Ethernet IDPS provides a powerful solution to software-defined E/E architectures which require high performance, flexibility, and strong protection against cyberthreats.

Argus Ethernet IDPS is a security mechanism designed to provide complementary protection for automotive Ethernet networks, on top of existing commodity security controls in Ethernet components. The IDPS purpose is to inspect in–vehicle Ethernet network traffic in real time and detect invalid, illegitimate, or anomalous traffic that can originate in malicious activity.

Having the extension available under EB zoneo SwitchCore provides an enhancement to the current offering. While cybersecurity is covered by the integration of Argus’s IDPS, the network is complimented by the IdsM-reporting mechanism to increase the interoperability with Classic AUTOSAR.

Additionally, Elektrobit offers Argus CAN IDPS, cybersecurity for CAN communication.


Optimized solution

EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield offers a broad spectrum of various features simultaneously keeping a small software footprint, thus supporting bounded flash memories used in automotive Ethernet switches.

Early detection and prevention of unauthorized traffic

EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield offloads µC microcontroller resources and executes cyber security protection directly on the switch hardware, thus leading to an early and efficient detection of cyberthreats.

Prompt time to market with less integration costs

EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield is provided as a complete solution with post-build configuration capabilities, thus leading to significantly reduced integration time and costs.

Key features


  • Network management is executed directly on the switch hardware
  • Small software footprint compatible with all automotive Ethernet switches
  • Leading-edge cybersecurity Ethernet IDPS covering protection up to L7
  • Cybersecurity without MCU involvement
  • High performance due to the full usage of the in-switch hardware accelerators
  • Compliant with Chinese regulations (GB/T “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Cybersecurity of Vehicle Gateway”)
  • Security events reporting in accordance with the AUTOSAR standard

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