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EB corbos – your entry into the automotive world of high-performance computing


In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and the automotive industry is ushering in a new era of innovation, as vehicles become more interconnected, autonomous, and intelligent. The demand for powerful computing capabilities is soaring, with HPC at the forefront of driving this transformation.

High-performance controllers (HPCs) form the computing backbone of the software-defined vehicle. EB corbos is the full set of building blocks to support the construction of your automotive software platform development, required to create state-of-the-art vehicle features.

Elektrobit, your partner for HPC solutions

Elevate your HPC software development with Elektrobit, your trusted partner throughout the entire project life cycle. With a proven track record spanning over 30 years, Elektrobit offers unparalleled expertise in embedded automotive software development, bolstered by a strong commitment to open-source solutions.

From concept to SOP, we specialize in supporting safety-critical and security-related ECUs, leveraging our global network of engineers with extensive experience in Adaptive AUTOSAR and open-source development. Count on Elektrobit to deliver dependable solutions tailored to your specific needs, backed by a legacy of success and innovation.


Maximum flexibility

In times of fast innovation and technical transformation of high-performance ECUs, EB corbos gives you the flexibility for your architectural choices and piece of mind for safety and security. Not matter whether you are building a discrete HPC or an entire software platform for your portfolio of vehicles, the products of EB corbos help you build the architecture that speeds up your development.

Future-proof solutions

Separation of concerns with EB corbos Hypervisor, tapping the fast ecosystem of the Linux community with EB corbos Linux, or integrating into the vehicle infrastructure and realizing your automotive functions with EB corbos AdaptiveCore, you build your system according to your needs, we have you covered when it comes to safety, security, and maintenance of your solution.

Global team of engineers

When it comes to full system design and integration, we got you covered with our professional services – from developing to configuring and integrating to testing. From networks to real-time to Android. With more than 30 years of expertise in embedded automotive software, we enable your innovation.

EB corbos product line


Open-source operating system

EB corbos Linux

Container-based Linux distribution solves the challenges of dependency management between diverse applications, offering variability for customer extensions and efficient maintainability.

Adaptive AUTOSAR middleware

EB corbos AdaptiveCore

Software base for safe and secure high-performance controllers (HPCs). It provides a holistic software framework according to the industry’s new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.

Virtual Ethernet switch

Provides communication between virtual machines and the Ethernet network, connecting both Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR (Linux) subsystems.


EB corbos Hypervisor

Provides a virtualization environment for execution of multiple guest operating systems on one single CPU.

Adaptive AUTOSAR tooling

EB corbos Studio

Versatile tool provides an integrated development environment for developing and integrating applications for high-performance controllers (HPCs).

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Adaptive AUTOSAR success story VW

Success story: Volkswagen uses EB corbos on its ID line

Volkswagen’s new electric compact ID. started rolling off the line in 2020. Elektrobit's software ensures that vehicles are safer and more reliable while also enabling the convenient use of innovative cloud-based services.

“Volkswagen is proceeding full speed ahead with the electric offensive. This also involves working together with strong partners. The Volkswagen ID. contains technology and ideas from the most innovative companies in our industry.”

Ralf Brandstätter, Board Member for Procurement Volkswagen
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