EB corbos product line


EB corbos

Develop your high performance controller (HPC) with our rich development tool on top of EB’s scalable software performance platform that supports various operating systems, virtualization, and Adaptive AUTOSAR middleware.

Your entry into the automotive world of high performance computing.


Guarantee highest safety levels for automated driving

EB has more than 30 years of expertise in automotive software development. With its industry-leading software solutions up to the highest automotive safety integrity level (ASIL D), EB is a substantial element of the AUTOSAR success story. The performance platform provides the ingredients to create fail-operational software systems mandatory for automated driving up to level 5.

Reducing complexity

Tap the potential of today’s processors by consolidating heterogeneous applications into one system on a chip. Availability of hardware virtualization is providing an optimized way to create virtual machines for your use case.

Time and cost savings

EB has long-term experience to create and maintain scalable platforms that meet the car makers’ needs. By that, we enable:

  • Time and cost savings through re-usable software functions due to hardware abstraction
  • Less effort for integration and migration to new hardware
  • Flexible tool collaborations and integration into your development environment through standardized methodology



EB corbos Studio

An integrated development environment to develop and integrate applications for high-performance controller

Basic software

EB corbos AdaptiveCore

Our basic software for safe and secure high-performance controllers


EB corbos Hypervisor

A software layer to run multiple (different) operating systems on one single CPU

Operating systems

EB corbos Linux

An operating system for high-performance CPUs providing a basis for the latest AUTOSAR standard

Software platform

EB xelor

All-in-one software platform for creating next-generation automotive electronics architectures based on high-performance computers (HPCs).


Software for the automotive industry