EB tresos Safety

Safety you can rely on.


Functional safety is a key technology in today’s automotive industry. One of Elektrobit´s core competences is providing industry-leading software solutions for safety-related electronic control units (ECUs).

These solutions are based on the AUTOSAR standard, meet the ISO 26262 requirements up to the highest automotive safety integrity level, (ASIL D), and are available for single-core and multicore microcontrollers. Additionally, our solutions conform to the IEC 61508 standard for non-automotive use. EB tresos Safety solutions have been on the road with leading carmakers for many years.


Accuracy and reliability

EB offers industry-leading software solutions up to the highest automotive safety integrity level (ASIL D) and completely certified solutions that ease safety assessments.

Expertise in functional safety

With more than 30 years in automotive software development EB is a well-known development partner. We provide efficient integration of functional safety and AUTOSAR.

Reducing complexity

EB tresos Safety architecture allows flexible partitioning, based on your project needs. We assure seamless integration into the EB tresos product line.



Key features

  • A mix of safety and quality management (QM) software
  • Integration of Black Box Software
  • Availability of safety mechanisms—independent of QM software
  • Scalable architectures for single-core and multicore devices
  • Availability for several microcontrollers, including Freescale, STM, Infineon, Texas Instruments, and Renesas Electronics

EB tresos functional safety products

We extended our AUTOSAR-based EB tresos AutoCore product with high-quality EB tresos Safety products to meet all requirements for safety-related projects:



EB tresos Safety OS (single-core and multicore)

Data protection: To provide a safe execution environment for safety-critical functions, EB incorporated proven concepts such as Microkernel and System Calls from the aerospace and industrial markets. The result is a robust and protected Safety Operating System (OS) compatible with the latest AUTOSAR standard. The OS is independently certified for use in ASIL D applications such as electrical power steering, as well as SIL 3 use in nonautomotive projects. The EB tresos Safety OS combines the flexibility of AUTOSAR multicore software architectures with the requirements of safety projects. It enables the distribution of software components to different cores without affecting the availability of the individual CPU cores.

EB tresos Safety RTE:

Data protection: The EB tresos Safety RTE takes care of the safe handling of RTE services between software in different partitions.



EB tresos Safety TimE Protection

Execution protection: EB tresos Safety TimE Protection is a software module that enables the timing and execution supervision of safety-related applications. Thus, it provides freedom from the interference of safety-related software modules with regard to time and execution. EB tresos Safety TimE Protection is independently certified for use in ASIL D applications such as electrical power steering, as well as SIL 3 use in non-automotive projects.



EB tresos Safety E2E Protection

Communication protection: EB tresos Safety E2E Protection is a set of modules that supports the transmission of safety-related data between ECUs. It consists of an end-to-end communication protection library and an end-to-end protection wrapper for integration into an AUTOSAR basic software stack.


EB tresos safety demo video



Exida certified

All our EB tresos Safety products are certified by exida, ensuring that you are building on a platform that meets the highest levels of safety requirements.

EB’s safety products seamlessly integrate into the EB tresos product line.


Integration with other EB products and technologies

Functional safety technology

Read a short introduction about Functional Safety, ISO 26262, and ASIL.

EB tresos AutoCore

Our AUTOSAR basic software stack is the software basis for functional safety.

EB tresos Studio

Our configuration and integration tool for basic software and functional safety projects. EB tresos Studio is an all-in-one tool environment with full AUTOSAR support.

Embedded security

ASIL software requires a safe execution environment for ECUs (Functional Safety) along with protection against unauthorized access (security). There is no safety without security, and vice versa.

Driver assistance

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) require a safe software base according to ISO 26262.

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