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in-vehicle network solution

EB zoneo – efficient and reliable solution for scalable, safe and secure in-vehicle communication

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Master the challenges of in-vehicle network

EB zoneo provides an efficient and reliable in-vehicle network solution to master the challenges of communication within and between ECUs. EB zoneo provides off-the-shelf, future-proof, and backwards-compatible solutions for domain, centralized and zonal architectures. Our products fully utilize hardware capabilities, leading to a faster and more efficient networking within a car.


Future proof solution

Enables the introduction of new vehicle functions that require high-speed, reliable, and secure in-vehicle networks, copes with future challenges of distributed zonal architectures.

Highly optimized solution

Optimizes computational resource consumption by offloading network-related tasks to specific hardware units, maximizes the use of hardware features.

Reduce total costs

Accelerates the transition to service-oriented communication, facilitates the transition from domain to centralized and zonal architectures.

Tried and tested

Road-tested for a prominent line of production vehicles, supports leading OEM platforms such as VW and GM.

Industry-leading expertise

Elektrobit’s long-term experience and extensive knowledge of automotive networks ensures industry-leading product innovations and continuous technical assistance.

Deep relation with hardware vendors

Supports a broad range of hardware platforms from leading hardware vendors such as Marvell, NXP, Realtek, and Renesas.

Elektrobit’s product portfolio for automotive network

In-vehicle network solution: EB zoneo SwitchCore

EB zoneo SwitchCore

An intelligent automotive-grade switch firmware to handle the ever-increasing network functions to enhance the scalability, safety, and security of vehicles.

In-vehicle network solution: EB zoneo VSwitch

EB zoneo VSwitch

A virtualization module that mimics switch functionalities to provide fast and reliable communication between virtual machines and Ethernet networks.

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