V2G ChargeIn

Autosar V2G software

AUTOSAR V2G software solution

A cluster of AUTOSAR Basic Software modules to enable communication between the charging station and the car

One major challenge for the automotive industry and charging infrastructure providers is designing products that conform to ISO/IEC 15118. This includes designing products for the traditional AC/DC charging as well as the latest Plug and Charge features. Plug and Charge is introduced to make the charging process more user-friendly. New features such as Plug and Charge require more complex communication between electric vehicle and charging station. Since the communication to the EV happens through the control unit within, the system should be able to work seamlessly inside an AUTOSAR environment. To tackle this challenge, car makers are now looking for a one-stop solution that brings AUTOSAR and charging communication standards together while developing charging ECUs. EB tresos V2G ChargeIn reduces the complexity – underlining the charging communication by providing the AUTOSAR V2G software modules and interfaces, considering security requirements – and seamlessly integrates this within the AUTOSAR environment.

EB tresos V2G ChargeIn is an in-vehicle software module for ECUs to manage the communication between the charging system inside the vehicle and the charging station. EB tresos AutoCore is now enabled to use the ISO 15118-conform communication stack which is fully integrated in the AUTOSAR environment and supports V2G communication features for charging such as AC/DC charging, External Identification Means, and Plug and Charge.

The communication and security requirements of these communication features are fulfilled using standardized AUTOSAR components such as Internet Protocol (IP) stack and security extension modules (TLS).


ISO/IEC 15118 conform

EB tresos V2G ChargeIn covers technologies and regulations that are needed for charging with AC and DC voltage according to ISO/IEC 15118 standard

Seamless integration

Works in an AUTOSAR environment to allow the use in different platforms and by different OEMs, minimizing integration and configuration efforts


Provides flexibility regarding architecture and supported features.


Available add-on products: ISO 15118-2 Plug and Charge.

EB tresos V2G ChargeIn in an AUTOSAR environment

  • Fully integrated into EB tresos AutoCore – making it easier to integrate the V2G communication stack into the AUTOSAR environment.
  • EB provides blueprint application to OEMs that serves as a base for their customized charging application.
  • Defined interface to charge control software to make the implementation of charging communication easier.
Autosar V2G software solution
Classic AUTOSAR and EB tresos V2G ChargeIn

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