ECU software engineering services

ECU software engineering services

ECU software engineering services

Engineering services to address your ECU infrastructure needs

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More than 30 years of ECU software know-how

Elektrobit has more than three decades of deep automotive know-how and a wide understanding of vehicle software architecture. Car makers can rely on Elektrobit’s extensive knowledge in developing software for automotive electronic control units (ECUs).

Our service department consists of highly qualified experts that work in close proximity and who share the same mindset of leading car makers and Tier 1 suppliers. Elektrobit can integrate customers’ basic software and provide services to help pass car manufacturers’ acceptance tests. Our experts have broad know-how with the latest technologies, such as Ethernet, Functional Safety/ISO 26262, and Security.

Through standard or custom training courses for AUTOSAR technology and our tools, Elektrobit provides project engineers with valuable knowledge about the function and interaction of AUTOSAR software modules. We develop software for all variants of ECUs.

Your dedicated ECU software engineering partner


Our service portfolio covers:

  • Basic software configuration and development to fulfill project requirements
  • Customization of Elektrobit standard products
  • Functional safety concepts based on Elektrobit’s safety products
  • ASIL- and SPICE-compliant development processes
  • Model-based code generation, application integration, and RTE configuration
  • Software architecture, design, and requirements management
  • Workshops, training, and coaching


Benefits of Elektrobit’s ECU software engineering services

Long-standing safety & architecture knowledge

Elektrobit has a long and successful history in supporting safety-critical and security-related ECUs from concept to SOP.

Worldwide reliability

Elektrobit has more than 30 years of expertise in embedded automotive software development, provides comprehensive services, and offers worldwide availability.

Long-term support

Elektrobit is a dependable partner for developing, configuring, testing, and maintaining ECU software throughout the entire product life cycle.

A holistic approach to support your ECU development

ECU software engineering services integration

Integration of Elektrobit and third-party products

Software integration

Elektrobit takes a central role in making the separation of hardware and software work for car makers, effectively managing the software development process for increasingly complex systems as well as for software and system integration.

ECU software engineering services training

ECU development training

Training courses

We are keen to share our in-depth know-how about selected methods and technologies, as well as providing product trainings. Our trainers work closely with our development department which helps them to always stay up-to-date and to be able to immediately incorporate newly-acquired knowledge and current trends in their courses.

ECU software engineering verification and validation

Verification and validation

Verification and validation services

As a premium AUTOSAR member, Elektrobit has successfully tackled the challenges of complex systems validation, e.g. integrated high-performance ECUs, with a strong, reliable, but also flexible test strategy – highest requirement levels, shortened time to market, and mass production.

ECU software engineering services consulting

Consulting services

Elektrobit Consulting

Our consulting services are backed by an established, global software company with more than 1500 experts and a broad portfolio of products and solutions as well as operational experience in successful projects.

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