User experience (UX) solutions

Tailor-made solutions to meet your objectives

User experience

In-vehicle HMI systems are important to consumers making purchasing decisions and to manufacturers wanting to offer great usability and reliability while also taking advantage of branding opportunities.

Elektrobit offers a complete range of services and integrated solutions customized to meet your particular goals and requirements.


Expertise in HMI development

With more than 15 years in automotive software development, our consultants have acquired top-notch skills. Our expertise spans software development, software architecture, usability, and development processes for best-in-class HMIs.

A reusable HMI approach

We want you to get the most from your investment, which is why we believe in implementing a continuous HMI development strategy that leads to maintainable HMIs and manages variants for different countries and brands. EB can help you implement a long-term HMI strategy that strengthens your brand value and reduces costs.

A framework customized to your needs

We port our versatile target frameworks, EB GUIDE GTF and EB GUIDE STF, to your target platform and adopt them to your platform-specific interfaces. We have the skills and experience to meet performance and quality requirements for all relevant embedded operating systems, CPUs, and GPUs.

A team exactly the size you need

Whether it’s a single EB engineer providing consulting on a specific aspect of HMI, a small team for porting and usability testing, or a large team to manage the complete HMI development, EB can assist you.

About EB’s UX solutions

You should know that:

  • Our development teams use agile development methods and a continuous improvement process.
  • Our close contact with carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers guarantees we are aware of upcoming HMI trends and are able to address them at an early stage.
  • Our solutions include licensing of our best-in-class HMI products.

UX products and services


EB GUIDE is widely used in the automotive industry to create state-of-the-art and user friendly HMIs for vehicles.

EB GUIDE arware

EB arware is a software framework that enables the creation of augmented reality solutions that enhance the driving experience.

User experience engineering services

The know-how, tools, and teams to bring your next-generation of sleek, intuitive user interfaces on the road.

Integration with other EB products and services

EB Assist ADTF

EB Assist ADTF is a tool for the development, validation, visualization and test of driver assistance and automated driving features.

EB robinos

EB robinos is a comprehensive, hardware agnostic software solution for highly automated driving systems.

Software for the automotive industry