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EB robinos

Hardware-agnostic software components for automated driving

EB robinos - DNA for autonomous driving

EB robinos provides key software components to bring automated driving functions and systems to mass production. The building blocks support assisted driving functions and enable the path to automated driving.

To allow for safe and reliable automated driving functionalities, we enable vehicles to gain a comprehensive view of their surroundings with a full environment model software stack, specify their exact location with highly precise positioning, and make them see beyond their sensor range with a holistic electronic horizon solution. Furthermore, we provide a toolchain to supervise systems parameters during development.

The standardized and modular approach behind this offering defines a functional architecture and open interfaces between software components as well as external interfaces that greatly reduce complexity, effort, and costs, and allows higher competitiveness and thus better functions for the consumer at the same time.



Reduce development efforts and expenses

EB robinos provides ready-to-use mass production software within the vehicle to greatly lower development efforts and expenses, allowing for higher competitiveness and thus better functions for the consumers at the same time.

Scalable with customer applications

EB robinos components are built modularly, minimizing development, application, and testing effort through component reuse. This allows for a cost-efficient and scalable solution.

Ready for embedded systems

Running on Adaptive AUTOSAR, EB robinos is ready for embedded systems and safety-relevant applications. For predevelopment and rapid prototyping, our components are also available for PC or rapid embedding.

Smooth development and integration

EB robinos enables easy development by allowing an easy integration of existing customer modules or third party modules. Standardized interfaces allow upgrades—parameters can be easily adapted and therefore suitable for different vehicles, models, or systems.

Accelerating development

EB robinos provides building blocks for automated driving that save time and manpower to reinvent key components, are easily adaptable to the target, and are ready to be incorporated into existing customer subsystems.

Covers predevelopment to mass production

EB robinos products are made for volume production (target-ready), are wrapped to enable development in environments such as EB Assist ADTF, and are to be used in predevelopment and research phases (free development kit license available).



  • Ready-to-use software products for mass production of automated driving functions
  • Hardware-agnostic components
  • Built on a modular architecture
  • Scalable up to SAE Level 5
  • Open and standardized interfaces
  • Ready for embedded systems


EB robinos products, solutions, and services

EB robinos Environment Model

Comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings with a full environment model software stack for automated driving.

EB robinos Positioning

Precise positioning information for automated driving applications.

EB robinos Predictor

Electronic horizon solution for accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead.

EB robinos Safety Monitor

Toolchain to supervise systems parameters during development.


Integration with other EB products and services

EB corbos

Adaptive AUTOSAR basic software, hypervisor, operating system and integrated development environment for high-performance controllers.

EB tresos

Classic AUTOSAR basic software, operating systems, and a tailor-made tool environment.

EB Assist ADTF

Platform for working with EB robinos components in the development and testing stages.

ADAS and automated driving engineering services

Broad experience, proven standards, and innovative engineering methods for automated driving development.

Software for the automotive industry