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Hardware-agnostic software components for automated driving

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Make your vehicles aware of their surroundings and the road ahead

With EB robinos, we develop and provide key software to bring automated driving functions and systems to series production. The building blocks support assisted driving functions and enable the path to automated driving.

With our dedicated engineering services, we enable vehicles to gain a comprehensive view of their surroundings: we can develop a full environmental model software stack, specify their exact location with our highly precise positioning solution, and make them see beyond their sensor range with EB robinos Predictor, our holistic electronic horizon.

The standardized and modular approach behind the software we build defines a functional architecture and open interfaces between software components as well as external interfaces that greatly reduce complexity, effort, and costs, and allows higher competitiveness and thus better functions for the consumer at the same time.


Reduce development effort and expenses

We help you to create series production software within the vehicle to greatly lower development effort and expenses, allowing for higher competitiveness and thus better functions for your consumers at the same time.

Scalable with customer applications

We build modular components, we minimize development, application, and testing effort through component reuse. This allows for a cost-efficient and scalable solution.

Accelerating development

Our services and solutions save time and manpower to reinvent key components, are easily adaptable to the target, and can then be incorporated into existing customer subsystems.

Products and solutions regarding automated driving software

EB robinos Predictor automated driving software

Electronic horizon

EB robinos Predictor

Electronic horizon solution for accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead.

Highly accurate positioning

Precise positioning for ADAS

Positioning solution

Merging the vehicle’s interoceptive sensors, its exteroceptive sensors, and global map data for centimeter-precise positioning information.

Environmental model automated driving software

Vehicle environment modeling

Environmental model

Dedicated engineering services to create fusion modules for a comprehensive environmental model.

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automated driving software in VW vehicles

Success story: EB robinos used in current and future ADAS functions of VW vehicles

The VW Group was looking for a software solution supplying current and future ADAS functions with digital map information and working across all its brands and vehicle models.

By including the EB robinos Predictor’s Provider as part of the Elektrobit navigation package, Elektrobit was able to offer a cost-efficient solution that worked for the entire VW Group. EB robinos Predictor became an essential building block for the VW Group to be among the leading manufacturers with regard to driver assistance systems. Their impressive variety of functions are not only available in their premium vehicles, but also in their entry-level cars.


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