In the competitive automotive industry, it’s paramount that suppliers and manufacturers stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. From connected cars to scalable software development methods, the industry is constantly advancing. At Elektrobit (EB), we’ve developed deep relationships with the leading companies and thinkers in the industry. Our rich ecosystem and involvement in setting standards allows us to stay ahead of the curve on trends and solutions, so we can keep you informed and keep our products and services on the cutting edge.


In a world where people are connected 24/7 through their devices, the isolation of cars seems obsolete. Consumers want to be connected even when they are in their vehicles. And when done right, connected cars make for safer cars.
Society is on the path to achieving autonomous driving, self-driving or driver-less cars. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. Prototype projects are well under way and every advance in assisted driving is a step in the direction of autonomous driving.
Virtually every facet of modern life already relies on ever-smarter software coupled with ever-faster internet, and cars are no different. The future of driving rests on completely re-designing the core architecture of the car, as well as re-thinking the software that powers it.
futuristic luxury sport sedan car 3d rendering
HMI technology is constantly evolving, and future-proof operating systems are required to ensure that HMIs can stay up to date with the latest trends and features.