Product Security Incident Response Team – PSIRT

Our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is the central point of contact for external security researchers, partners, customers, and candidates to report security issues on Elektrobit websites, within Elektrobit products, or to raise a data protection concern.


Why should you report vulnerabilities?

Your report will allow us to fix vulnerabilities early, inform our customers about fixes, and continuously improve the security of our products and websites.


How to report a vulnerability

Choose from the options below to send us a message in English or German:

PSIRT product vulnerability

Product vulnerabilities

In case of vulnerabilities or incidents in Elektrobit products:
Via email: psirt(at)

PSIRT website vulnerability

Website vulnerabilities

In case of security issues on Elektrobit websites:
Via email: psirt(at)

PSIRT data vulnerability

Data protection issues

In case of data protection issues in relation to Elektrobit:
Via email: dataprotection(at)

What information should you submit?

  • For product vulnerabilities: Affected product(s), including version and firmware version (if available)
  • For website vulnerabilities: URL address
  • Description of the vulnerability, including technical details and steps to reproduce as well as potential impact of the vulnerability
  • Public references or link if available

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