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Automotive Embedded Security

EB zentur
Automotive embedded security
for software infrastructure

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Enhancing your automotive security foundation

EB zentur is our full and flexible HSM firmware stack essential for building a stable foundation for your automotive security; providing robustness, resistance to attacks, and reliability. Seamless integration with Elektrobit´s EB tresos and other Classic AUTOSAR-compliant stacks provides you a full stack AUTOSAR solution enhanced with hardware-level security. EB zentur covers the HSM needs of various OEMs and supports the leading microcontroller platforms.


Faster cryptographic performance

Faster cryptographic performance and improved bandwidth leads to shorter wait times and less load on the main processor.

Seamless integration
with EB tresos

Full stack AUTOSAR solution with cost-optimized seamless integration into EB tresos from single source.

Up-to-date compliance

State-of-the-art AUTOSAR security system to comply with UNECE R155.

Flexibility & customization

Flexibility with tailor-made OEM extensions and customization.

Key features


  • Hardware trust anchor for secure boot
  • Hardware security for key storage
  • Hardware-accelerated cryptographic operations for secure communication, authentication, and access control
  • Supported platforms:
    • Infineon 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™
      TC23x | TC27x | TC29x | TC32x | TC33x
      TC35x | TC36x | TC37x | TC38x | TC39x | TC3e
    • Infineon 32-bit TRAVEO™ T2G Arm® Cortex®
      CYT2B7 | CYT2B9 | CYT2BL
    • ST Microelectronics
      SPC58 Chorus C Line
      SPC58 Chorus G Line
      SPC58 Chorus H Line

EB zentur is part of Elektrobit’s end-to-end security concept.

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