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User experience engineering services

Customized solutions that deliver rich user experience.

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We deliver HMIs optimized for your target platform

Millions of cars on the road today have navigation systems, infotainment units, voice-enabled user interfaces, or instrument clusters created with Elektrobit software. The impact of consumer electronics, personal voice assistants, cloud connectivity, and augmented reality on the automobile has meant that it is important to have user interfaces that are sleek, intuitive, and above all, seamlessly integrated.

Our mission is to deliver HMIs optimized for your target platform – HMIs that meet your expectations for high quality, that perfectly integrate multimodal input and output devices, and that can be easily maintained over multiple variants and even multiple life cycles of your product.

Your dedicated automotive user experience engineering partner

You should know that…

  • Licensing of our best-in-class HMI products
  • One-person consulting on HMI-specific aspects of the development process or the software architecture
  • Large teams for developing the complete user interface that covers graphics, voice, and augmented reality, and includes the management of specification, design, and translation processes as well as subcontractors for design work and translations
  • Experienced teams developing core technology for highly accurate vehicle positioning and electronic horizon, allowing for predictive navigation and enhancing ADAS
  • Support in all phases of the development cycle: from identifying specifications and creating the software architecture to validation
  • ASIL- and SPICE-compliant development processes

Advantages with Elektrobit

Software reuse saves money

One of the major cost drivers in automotive infotainment systems is software development. As a result, software is often a target for cost reduction. The key to saving money without sacrificing quality is reuse. Software reuse actually increases software quality due to the larger scale of systems and the increased test depth, resulting in more test cases and – in the end – better software. Elektrobit designs architecture for high re-usability – across brands, models, and platforms.

Integrate multimodality seamlessly

Voice input interaction with an HMI is an effective way to minimize driver distraction. Elektrobit has the knowledge and ability to create HMIs that can be used either via speech input (both cloud and embedded) or haptic input, depending on the user’s choice and the current driving situation. Use our know-how to integrate HMIs into your product and provide a consistent user experience across all input modes.

It takes knowledge

Creating a sophisticated user interface today means understanding and integrating a lot of different technologies and tools. Elektrobit provides competent and experienced teams who can evaluate existing technologies as well as develop new technology. Elektrobit offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly qualified subcontractors to address your requirements. We are flexible, able to provide support through all project phases, or we can lead the project overall.

Leverage our partner and consortium network

With a cooperative framework of technology partners, industry consortiums, and associations, Elektrobit is positioned to offer collaborative engineering services that customers can take advantage of.

Whether it is the SmartDeviceLink™ Consortium that connects in-vehicle infotainment systems to smartphone applications, or Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) that involves the building of an open-source framework for the automotive, or the ADASIS Forum for navigation systems where Elektrobit is a listed member, we have made sure that partners and customers can leverage the best of our technologies and know-how. Learn more about our Partner network.

See some examples of successful implementations using Elektrobit’s automotive user experience engineering in our finished projects.

A holistic approach to support your HMI development

automotive user experience engineering for android

Android Automotive

Elektrobit services for Android Automotive

Drivers want their in-car experience to mimic their smartphone experience. Expecting the newest and most innovative technology and intuitive software, drivers want to download and install apps, access their music library, and more to personalize their in-car experience to make their ride comfortable, entertaining, and connected.

automotive user experience engineering for amazon alexa

Amazon Alexa integration

Elektrobit’s integration services for Amazon Alexa

Experienced teams for developing state-of-the-art voice user interfaces that comprise the integration of personal voice assistants and that seamlessly switch between embedded and cloud-based interfaces; these UIs are enhanced with self-learning HMI to generate intuitive system responses and interactive dialogs. With the integration of Amazon Alexa into the car, Elektrobit is expanding reach of natural language technology.

automotive user experience engineering trainings

HMI development training

Training courses

We are keen to share our in-depth know-how about selected methods and technologies, as well as providing product trainings. Our trainers work closely with our development department which helps them to always stay up-to-date and to be able to immediately incorporate newly-acquired knowledge and current trends in their courses.

automotive user experience engineering for validation

Verification and validation

Verification and validation services

Elektrobit offers a highly valuable turnkey validation solution for the UX/IVI software of tomorrow. With our experience in exploratory testing we effectively pinpoint faults in complex system architectures. Our customizable testing solution incorporates extended simulation and analysis functionality which enables fully automated validation.

automotive user experience engineering consulting

Consulting services

Elektrobit Consulting

Our consulting services are backed by an established, global software company with more than 1500 experts and a broad portfolio of products and solutions as well as operational experience in successful projects.

Further automotive user experience engineering and HMI solutions