ADAS and automated driving engineering services

ADAS and automated driving engineering services

Solutions for series production of ADAS and automated driving software

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Broad experience, proven standards, and innovative engineering methods for up to Level 5 of automated driving

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving functions are primarily software-driven. Car2X communication, immediate environment detection, and rapid growth in the variety of sensors and technologies are increasing the complexity of software. Developing and implementing new features requires comprehensive expertise in automotive software engineering. With 30 years of embedded software engineering experience and a proven track record of successful solutions that are used by major car makers, Elektrobit is uniquely positioned to deliver tailor-made, automotive-grade software for ADAS and automated driving.

Your dedicated ADAS and automotive driving software engineering partner

You should know that…

  • Manufacturers and suppliers trust our methods for industrialized integration and validation of advanced driver assistance software for series production, this includes writing-function specifications. As an example, see the Daimler success story – concerning driver assistance software implementation.
  • Our expert teams consult and support you in generating a suitable roadmap for your market entry of ADAS and automated driving functions, based on our comprehensive market view. We can also develop possible migration strategies.
  • To improve and simplify cooperative automotive software development, our tools, services, and experts follow industry standards such as MATLAB/Simulink®, TargetLink®, MISRA C, MISRA C++, or UML.
  • We offer consulting for ADAS and automated-driving-related safety and security topics and how to tackle them.
  • Elektrobit ensures quality through the use of various international standards, such as ISO 9001, Automotive SPICE®, and ISO 26262 (“Road Vehicles – Functional Safety”).
  • We support you in applying our EB robinos products for automated driving (environment model, positioning, safety monitor, and electronic horizon), or integrating them into your legacy subsystems.
  • We offer a range of ADAS and automated-driving-specific training courses for EB robinos, automated driving development, or safety topics.

The Elektrobit advantages

Rely on comprehensive knowledge

With more than 30 years of embedded software engineering experience, we deliver independent, unique, and high-quality applications and solutions. We provide professional automotive software solutions for ADAS and automated driving, user experience, connected car, and functional safety. A tight interlinking of these elements is crucial for paving the way towards assistive and automated driving functions that reliably work in highly complex situations.

Cover the whole software life cycle

We cover the complete software life cycle of ADAS and automated driving functions: everything from predevelopment to series production projects, from Level 0 to Level 5 of autonomous driving. We excel at providing engineering services for functions, algorithms as well as serial-model-based and conventional software development.

Speed up your development process and platform management

We consult, support, and help you decide which constellation of employees makes most sense for your specific development needs. This includes the ramp-up process, which positions to fill, and how to reach your goals.

Pave the way for cost-efficient solutions

We help you set up a functional architecture; this includes deciding on which hardware platform, sensor set, and ECUs to use, preceded by a profound benchmarking of offers. This way, you are perfectly prepared for getting your future production vehicles on the road.

Reduce time to market for series production

We support you in validation activities, from SiL/HiL in-house and joint road testing to supporting your employees on-site to impress your customers by delivering a cost-efficient, performant, and secure ADAS and automated driving experience. As prerequisite for series production, we also consult you on regulatory topics and requirements.

A holistic approach to support your automated driving function development

Vehicle environment

Environmental model

For major projects with car makers, we engineer key modules to create an environmental model for automated vehicles through sensor data fusion. This way, you can easily develop different driving functions such as ACC or highway pilot with low effort and costs.

Verification and validation

Verification and validation services

Based on Elektrobit’s field-proven EB Assist product line, we master the technology and methods for automated driving validation. Incorporating virtual testing as well as field tests with software and hardware components, Elektrobit provides a test environment fit to fulfill all the latest safety and security requirements.

ADAS training

Training courses

We are keen to share our in-depth know-how about selected methods and technologies, as well as providing product trainings. Our trainers work closely with our development department which helps them to always stay up-to-date and to be able to immediately incorporate newly-acquired knowledge and current trends in their courses.

Consulting services

Elektrobit Consulting

Our consulting services are backed by an established, global software company with more than 1500 experts and a broad portfolio of products and solutions as well as operational experience in successful projects.

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