EB zoneo SwitchCore

automotive ethernet switch

Enhance switch functionality with optimized hardware utilization

EB zoneo SwitchCore is an industry-first, intelligent automotive-grade switch firmware to handle the ever-increasing network functions to enhance the scalability, safety and security of vehicles. The functionality of automotive Ethernet switches is boosted by implementing networking functions (routing, gateways, intrusion detection and prevention systems, etc.) as a switch firmware.


More computational resources

With EB zoneo SwitchCore high-level network functions are directly executed on the switches. This frees up resource on the microcontroller unit, improving overall performance.

Fast startup and safer system recovery

EB zoneo SwitchCore ensures independent startup of switches and reduces interdependency on the microcontroller unit. As a result, the network startup time and system performs faster.

Efficient implementation

Our software implementation is tightly coupled with hardware features. EB zoneo SwitchCore is available for switches from multiple leading hardware vendors.

Key features


  • High-level network features (gateway, routing, security) are executed directly on the switch hardware
  • No additional load on microcontroller unit (MCU) network features
  • Minimized overhead for high-level network features
  • Independent startup and reboot of switches and MCUs
  • No cross-dependencies with other ECU features
  • Switch register configuration and control
  • IP/VLAN routing with firewall
  • Support of IEEE 802.1 TSN/AVB protocols e.g. gPTP (802.1AS)
  • Residence time compensation
  • Switch register firewall
  • Update over Ethernet

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