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EB robinos Positioning

Precise positioning information for automated driving applications

EB robinos Safety Management


Information on the precise vehicle position is crucial for automated driving. As different functions need different positioning information in terms of quality, safety, or update rate, EB robinos Positioning provides highly accurate information about the vehicle’s position and is an enabler for local and global geo-referenced functions.


Best possible results through sensor data fusion

EB robinos Positioning provides highly accurate positioning data by the vehicle’s interoceptive sensors, its exteroceptive sensors, and global positioning information merged together.

Covering automated driving use-cases and beyond

EB robinos Positioning efficiently serves many different functions and applications such as automated valet parking, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, or eCall.

Optimized software reuse

EB robinos Positioning easily integrates with other systems thanks to its defined interfaces that allow optimized software re-use and the development of brand-specific systems.

Straightforward handling

EB robinos Positioning provides an easy-to-use API for function developers for easy access and usage of the provided data.

Key features

  • Highly accurate information about the vehicle’s position for local and global geo-referenced functions like lane following, path planning, and automated parking
  • Serves crucial positioning information for a comprehensive environment model of the vehicle
  • Delivers the required positioning information for further applications such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication, eCall, or navigation


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