Highly accurate positioning solution

How does it work – sensor data fusion explained

As different functions need different positioning information in terms of quality, safety, or update rate, we offer a configurable software solution for providing such highly accurate information about the vehicle’s position. Merging the vehicle’s interoceptive sensors (4W odometer, 3D accelerometers, and 3D gyroscope), its exteroceptive sensors (delta-pose measurements from lidar, camera, etc.), and global positioning information (GNSS for calibration and dead reckoning) allows for high availability and robustness, especially in environments with low GNSS coverage.


One solution serving different applications

Enabler for local and global geo-referenced functions such as lane keeping systems, Intelligent Speed Assistance, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, or eCall.

Straightforward handling

Provides an easy-to-use API for function developers for easy access and usage of the provided data.

Optimized software reuse

Easily integrates with other systems thanks to its defined interfaces that allow optimized software reuse and the development of brand-specific systems.

Highlights of our positioning solution

  • Highly accurate information about the vehicle’s position and its dynamics for local and global geo-referenced
  • Serves crucial positioning information for a comprehensive environment model of the vehicle
  • Delivers the required positioning information for applications such as ISA, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, eCall, or navigation
  • Configurable for multiple type of sensor sets
  • Deals with sensor input data that has non-zero bias, uncertain scale and inaccuracies produced by measurement noise
  • Available for multiple hardware platforms
  • Analysis, reproduction, performance evaluation and tests via track files

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