Automotive industry

EB GUIDE is a unique, reliable, and integrated HMI development toolchain. It is widely used in the automotive industry to create state-of-the-art and user-friendly HMIs for today’s cars. With EB GUIDE you can create best-of-breed head unit and instrument cluster HMI’s. EB GUIDE is more than a tool – it enables an automotive software development process, leading to world-class automotive HMI.

Read some of our successful projects with customers:

HMI development for cutting-edge display audio systems in Japan

Pioneer wanted to select an HMI development platform to develop their latest display audio models. EB provides EB GUIDE, its all-in-one HMI development toolchain to Pioneer for the development of its display audio systems DMH-SF700 and DMH-SZ700.

The solution

  • EB GUIDE allows multiple Pioneer HMI developers to work on the same project simultaneously, resulting in greater efficiency.
  • With the model-based approach, EB GUIDE enabled the developers to focus on their core task of developing the HMI, without coding a single line of code.
  • Pioneer developers were able to instantly visualize the HMI look and feel on their development machines without the need for the target devices, saving time and money during the iterative HMI development process.
  • EB GUIDE high extensibility and flexibility allowed Pioneer to extend the toolchain to their process and needs.

EB GUIDE is a toolchain that can realize graphical user interfaces with all the functions required for HMI development and that helped reduce our development costs. We were able to develop our HMI efficiently with the data-binding function that doesn’t require complicated design. Its modular approach allows us to reuse the assets created with EB GUIDE for other platforms in the long term.

Yosuke Sato, MPC Technology Group, Pioneer Co., Ltd

VW Group HMI development platform

The Volkswagen Group was looking for a scalable navigation software solution that could be used globally in both the standard and premium infotainment systems in car models across all its brands (VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda).
VW wanted to select an HMI development platform for their new MEB platform, a modular car platform for electric cars.

The solution

  • EB supplies EB GUIDE as the development platform for the digital instruments of Volkswagen’s new generation of electric vehicles.
  • Developers at Volkswagen quickly and easily design complex 2D and 3D human machine interfaces (HMIs).
  • Development of customized user interfaces for different brands is made from a single source.
  • One unique tool is used from specification, modeling, and simulation to the real target platform.
  • Model-based development approach saves time and money during the iterative HMI development process.

EB GUIDE provides a mature HMI framework for automotive production. EB GUIDE’s 2D and especially 3D functional scope meets all the technological and visual requirements of Volkswagen IVI and cluster user interfaces. The Volkswagen skinning and internationalization process is seamlessly operated via plug-ins. The HMI models are ideally suited for multi-user processing and the HMI integration process in our large development team. Volkswagen’s HMI development sets high requirements and expectations in every respect.

Gunnar Wegner, Head of VW HMI System Development

Modular infotainment system at AUDI

At the beginning of 2005, Audi started off their latest generation of the Multi-Media technology (MMI 3G) and sought a development partner who not only had a deep understanding of automotive user interfaces but who would also manage the powerful project with many different country, feature, and display variants, and over 1400 different user dialogs.

The solution

  • In successful co-operation, Audi and EB jointly developed the truly modular infotainment system for the Audi A5, A6 and A8 as well as the Audi Q5.
  • Audi benefited from the customized system which at the same time features an extremely high reusability through modularity and usage of open standards.
  • EB’s integrated HMI development tool EB GUIDE with automatic code generation helped to manage complexity.

Touch panel prototyping at AUDI

AUDI was looking for innovative input devices for the Multi Media Interface (MMI). The interaction with a touch pad for handwriting recognition was evaluated in addition touch screen and other input means. The challenge was to bring the new concepts to life as early as possible.

The solution

  • Audi used EB GUIDE Studio to evaluate the concept within user clinics in the USA and China.
  • Test users were able to experience the new interaction concept as part of tests long before they were realized in EB GUIDE Studio.

EB GUIDE Studio helped us in a very early phase to bring the new concept to life. This way we had specific customer feedback to base our decisions on.

Dr. Hamberger, responsible for the MMI concept at AUDI

HMI automatic code generation process for Delphi

Delphi, a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle, and other market segments, was looking for an innovative solution to implement an automatic code generation process for the HMI of radios for Volkswagen as OEM. The input for the code generation was delivered in machine-readable form in a proprietary XML format. EB had to handle an enormous number of variants for different countries and brands in the project.

The solution

  • EB was responsible for the HMI software and implemented a plug-in to import the customer-specific XML into EB GUIDE Studio.
  • Delphi benefited from EB’s in-depth HMI knowledge in automotive HMI development and Volkswagen-specific XML variants.
  • By using EB GUIDE Studio, Delphi could perform error analysis and test features could already experience them before implementation.

For such a complex radio HMI development time and costs were shortened, higher flexibility with regards to maintenance and feature upgrades has been reached through automatic code generation with EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework.

Dr. Wilhelm Steger, Managing Director Infotainment & Driver Interface Europe at Delphi