Elektrobit delivers HMI development platform for Volkswagen

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The challenge

VW wanted to select an HMI development platform for their new MEB platform, a modular car platform for electric cars.


  • Meets 2D and especially 3D functional scope
  • Supports skinning and internationalization
  • Integrates seamlessly into Volkswagen HMI development process
  • Supports VW multi-user and large development team


The solution

Elektrobit supplies EB GUIDE as the development platform for the digital instruments of Volkswagen’s new generation of electric vehicles.


  • Developers at Volkswagen quickly and easily design complex 2D and 3D human machine interfaces (HMIs).
  • Development of customized user interfaces for different brands is made from a single source.
  • One unique tool is used from specification, modeling, and simulation to the real target platform.
  • Model-based development approach saves time and money during the iterative HMI development process.

Elektrobit’s added value

  • EB GUIDE is the only HMI development platform on the market that allows developers to create intuitive graphical user interfaces in 2D or 3D with voice, touch, and gesture control functions.
  • Elektrobit brings 15 years of experience in complex HMI software development from design to production for a large number of OEMs with multiple brands.



Statement by Gunnar Wegner, Head of VW HMI System Development

“EB GUIDE provides a mature HMI framework and HMI development environment for automotive production. EB GUIDE’s 2D and especially 3D functional scope meets all the technological and visual requirements of Volkswagen IVI and cluster user interfaces. An important feature of EB GUIDE is that it fits very well into the Volkswagen HMI development process. The Volkswagen skinning and internationalization process is seamlessly operated via plug-ins. The HMI models are ideally suited for multi-user processing and the HMI integration process in our large development team. Volkswagen’s HMI development sets high requirements and expectations in every respect. EB GUIDE makes a significant contribution to fulfilling these requirements again and again.“

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