Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation solution

hardware in the loop simulation

Simulate realistic conditions for ECU testing

Testing ECUs (electronic control units) plays a crucial but cost intensive and extensive role for successfully developing automated vehicles.

With our Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation solution, you can test the functions, system integration, and communication of ECUs in a simulated environment under realistic conditions to validate your ECUs and their functionality.

Built with modular, proven-in-use hardware and software, you can profit from a scalable system and high processing power that allows the parallel replay of multiple sensor streams.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) - Test solution details

Improve product quality

Safely test any given situation in a simulated environment and foster quality control. Our solutions are compliant with the latest AUTOSAR version, meeting the highest criteria of mass production software.

Maximum efficiency

Validate the ECU functionality through processing real driving scene data and shorten the time to market despite more and more complex vehicle network architectures. Profit from high processing power that allows the replay of multiple sensor streams such as camera, LIDAR, or vehicle bus communication.

High level of safety through reproducibility

Simulated tests are easy to reproduce and allow for the detection of errors already during predevelopment, playing a crucial part in bringing vehicles into mass production. Our proven-in-use rest bus simulation plays a major part in this task.

Ready to use, customizable turnkey solutions

A solution built from interlocking and proven-in-use hardware and software products, ready to use right from the start. Easily customizable with specific add-ons.


Customizable Hardware-in-the-loop simulation based on proven in use harware and software products

Key features

  • Comprehensive solution that allows for integration of third-party software
  • Modeling tools that are based on industry standards
  • Covers test and simulation scenarios within ADAS and automated driving, from single-component tests to vehicle network testing
  • Scalable system and processing power that allows replay and processing of multiple sensor streams (e.g. for ADAS/AD)
  • Replay raw data and all relevant vehicle bus communication data synchronously
  • Built with modular, proven-in-use hardware
  • High-precision data logging with EB Assist CAR Box hardware variants EB 9101 for maximum computing power and EB 9200 created especially for rough environments
  • EB Assist ADTF development environment with a set of toolboxes for replaying driving scenes and managing the data and workflow of HiL installations
  • Farm management software to manage multiple HiL systems
  • Comprehensive driving scene database
  • HiL control-toolbox
  • Proven-in-use rest bus simulation firmware and software (EB 5200)
  • Support of latest AUTOSAR version

Use cases

  • Open-loop HiL processing (reinjection)

    Complete solution with EB Assist hardware and software

    Automated replay of all relevant sensor data with high time precision to ECU

    Capturing of ECU responses including debug data

    Potential integration of customer components inside the HiL (e.g. for visualization or post-processing)

  • Rest bus simulation

    BroadR-Reach Ethernet

    Fully automated HiL system in cluster network (HiL farm)

    Data export for KPI calculation

  • Automated HiL system in a cluster network
  • Data export for calculating KPI
  • Recapturing of data

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