EB Assist bus tools

Modular I/O slot cards, I/O interface modules, and simulation tools

EB Assist bus tools stand for a proven-in-use set of modular I/O slot cards and I/O interface modules used for highly precise data-logging, replaying, and simulation. All typical vehicle bus communication systems like CAN, FR, LIN and Ethernet/BroadR-reach as well as LVDS are supported. As such, they are the perfect extension for EB Assist CAR Box or any other standard PC s or as standalone desktop device.

As part of the EB Assist bus tools, the EB x200 hardware series is a set of modular high-performant I/O slot cards ready to be installed, e.g. in EB Assist CAR Box. This way, you can create a high-performant data-logging and replaying system to record sensor data and vehicle bus communication data during test drives and to replay recorded data e.g. in a SiL/HiL test environment. Various I/O modules are available to be flexibly attached to the I/O slot cards.

EB bus tools are completed by EB Assist Busmirror, which is a PC tool to configure andgenerate an ECU restbus simulation that runs on the EB x200 hardware series. This way it supports you in software validation during an early stage of your development process.


Speed up and enhance your test and validation activities

EB Assist bus tools support all common vehicle bus communication interfaces as well as LVDS. Expansion to other sensor interfaces according to your specific requirements is always possible.

Save time and money during ADAS and AD development

By combining EB Assist bus tools with e.g. EB Assist CAR Box and EB Assist ADTF, you receive a high-performant, integrated, and reliable automotive grade PC system.

Products/solutions/services related to EB Assist bus tools

EB Assist CAR Box

High-performant and reliable automotive PC system to suit your testing and validation needs.

EB Assist ADTF

Provides a proven and widely used development and testing environment for delivering cutting-edge driver assistance solutions.

EB Assist Busmirror

Ready to use for automated ECU testing, e.g., rest bus simulation (RBS), software-/hardware-in-the-loop (SIL/HIL), end-of-line (EOL), or as an integral part of your production line.

Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation solution

With our Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation solution, you can test the functions, system integration, and communication of ECUs in a simulated environment under realistic conditions to validate your ECUs and their functionality.

EB Assist Test Lab

Efficiently manage terabytes to exabytes of driving scenes, bringing automated driving to series production faster


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