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EB has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. We’re proven leaders, pushing the industry forward while using the latest technologies and implementation methods. We offer a broad range of embedded automotive software, as well as services and consulting. Look to us for AUTOSAR and functional safety, navigation, human machine interfaces (HMIs), driver assistance systems, and software solutions supporting you in connected car topics and in developing highly automated driving.


Driver assistance software
Development tools, software modules, and driver assistance engineering services for intelligent, safe, and comfortable vehicles.
Connected car
Remote analytics for connected car
Connectivity combined with our decade long diagnostics expertise lets us offer intelligent remote analytics services.
EB corbos
ECU software development
Adaptive AUTOSAR basic software, hypervisor, operating system and integrated development environment for high-performance controllers.
Human machine interface (HMI)
An all-in-one tool for developing innovative, multimodal HMIs for your customers.
EB robinos
DNA for automated driving
Comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software solution for automated driving systems.
EB solys
Target system analysis
Analyzing complex automotive software systems from top to bottom, including their run-time behavior.
Scalable navigation technology
Scalable navigation technology
A connected navigation software solution for the automotive industry.
EB tresos
ECU software development
AUTOSAR-compliant basic software, operating systems, and tools for Electronic Control Units.


EB velima
Customer satisfaction insights software
A service that provides customer satisfaction insights from spoken input. Listen and learn.