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Automated driving test & validation

Supporting ADAS development

EB assist for automated driving


Develop, test, visualize, validate, and build ADAS and automated driving functions and systems

Staying competitive on the road toward autonomous driving means being on the cutting edge of ADAS and automated driving development. Increasingly sophisticated functions are accompanied with growing complexity and high expenses. More and more effort needs to be put into development, testing and validation activities as well as the generation of reliable data. EB Assist stands for state-of-the-art hardware and software products to successfully develop, test, visualize, validate, and build ADAS and automated driving functions and systems.

Profit from a comprehensive offering and a leader in technology

EB Assist covers major areas of ADAS/AD development, from creating driving scenes, replaying, and simulation to testing, visualization, validation, and function development. Our products comprise three decades of embedded software and driver assistance development experience leading OEMs and Tier 1s across the world benefit from. Furthermore, all products are based on industry standards (ADASIS, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, SOME/IP, OABR, AUTOSAR, EB Assist ADTF, etc.).


Fast and flexible realization of your requirements

EB Assist products are perfectly suited for you to fulfill the high requirements when it comes to build flawless automated driving functions. Furthermore, our products are backed by a comprehensive in-house hardware and firmware development.

Single sourcing helps you save time and money

One contact point in case of issues relieves you of the tedious task to find the right company to solve your problem within a complex solution.

Seamlessly integrable and ready to use right from the start

High-performant, integrated, customizable, extendible hardware and software products allow the seamless integration into any desired development and test process environment, and therefore cover the whole automated driving toolchain.

Benefit from experts with extensive knowledge

Dedicated training, professional consulting, and experienced support with short respond times help you to achieve your goals. Profound engineering services suit even your most exceptional needs.


A holistic approach to support your automated driving function development

ADAS development environment

EB Assist ADTF

Framework for the development, testing, validation, and visualization of ADAS and AD systems with a wide range of toolboxes available to extend system functionality.

EB Assist CAR Box

Data-logging and replay solution

EB Assist Logger Solution

High-performant and reliable automotive PC systems to suit your testing and validation needs, the basis for powerful HiL systems.

EB Assist Busmirror

Rest bus simulation

EB Assist Busmirror

Our tool for testing ECU software during the implementation stage, both for real hardware and on PC.

EB Assist bus tools

Hardware for bus system simulations

EB Assist bus tools

Broad set of high-performant modular I/O slot cards, I/O interface modules, and simulation tools for measurement and simulation of bus data.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation solution

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulation

HiL simulation solution

Test functions, system integration, and communication of ECUs in a simulated environment under realistic conditions to validate your ECUs and their functionality.

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Success story: Automated driving development test tools for Continental

The test and validation of automated vehicles is a complex task that requires millions of test miles to be run through and involves large amounts of data to be processed due to a high number of environmental sensors needed for automated driving. This is why Continental is expanding its global test drives and was seeking for high-performant products for data logging for its ADAS and automated driving product validation.

“We know Elektrobit as a trusted partner with deep knowledge in testing and tools development. One of the biggest projects Elektrobit realized is the measurement tool system MI5 based on our requirements for developing and testing ADAS and autonomous driving functions. Within a tight time schedule, Elektrobit developed the complete MI5 system and qualified it against our specification. Already 150 MI5s devices have been delivered within six months. A lot more will follow.”

Uwe Kuckelkorn, Head of Section ADAS Test & Validation, Continental
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