Creating the next era of in-car experience with Sony Honda Mobility

Creating the next era of in-car experience with Sony Honda Mobility

Creating the next era of in-car experience with Sony Honda Mobility


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“We’re extremely proud to be the strategic software partner of Sony Honda Mobility on its groundbreaking AFEELA prototype project. Together with SHM we are redefining mobility around the vision of creating a new more inspirational and emotional type of user experience. There is an immense amount of computing power packed into this car which creates all kinds of user experience possibilities challenging us to meet a new level of demands in terms of systems architecture. As a result, we have been able to play a much more central role in this project than in a traditional OEM to supplier relationship. The AFEELA prototype really highlights the potential benefits of this shift towards a software-first mindset.“, said Maria Anhalt, CEO, Elektrobit

Creating a unique and captivating in-vehicle experience is no small feat. It requires a blend of cutting-edge technology, visionary ambition, and the right partner to bring it all together. Elektrobit and Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) embarked on a journey to redefine the way mobility is experienced, and bring forth a stunning futuristic vision for tomorrow’s vehicle cockpits.


A vision of the future

Without a doubt, Sony Honda Mobility had a bold vision – to craft the most emotive, inspirational, and connected in-vehicle experience the automotive sector had ever seen. This vision would require extensive research and development.

Given Sony’s previous experience with Elektrobit on the Sony Vision S, they again partnered with Elektrobit to help bring their vision for the AFEELA prototype to life. It’s the latest result of a multi-year collaboration between the companies to reimagine the software-defined vehicle, and one that seamlessly integrates smartphones, IoT devices, and cloud connectivity.


A journey of collaboration and innovation

Elektrobit embraced a multifaceted role in the ambitious project of helping bring the AFEELA prototype to life. From system design to software and hardware development, our involvement was comprehensive, aiming to create an unparalleled in-vehicle experience.

The collaboration kicked off with the intricate task of transferring Sony’s unique brand identity seamlessly into the vehicle’s cockpit. Our team ensured the integration of Sony’s cutting-edge infotainment software and high-performance entertainment system, making the in-car experience an authentic extension of Sony’s universe.

One of the standout features of the user experience (UX) system is the Theming Engine, a testament to innovation in automotive technology. This pioneering feature empowers end-customers with the ability to personalize their vehicle’s cockpit system, all conveniently controlled also through a smartphone app, placing the power of customization directly in the hands of the user.

Elektrobit’s innovation also extended to the creation of an advanced software architecture for the AFEELA prototype, providing a robust foundation for SHM to harness the entire Sony ecosystem.

This innovative architecture facilitated a new level of user experience by seamlessly integrating software for the high-performance computing (HPC) processors, a comprehensive software stack up to the UX design that powers all cockpit displays.

Additionally, Elektrobit played a crucial role in providing integration services for the cockpit system, encompassing all software and hardware components and applications from Sony and its partners.

The result is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, personalization capabilities, and a unique driving experience, marking the success of Elektrobit’s collaboration with SHM on the AFEELA prototype.


The result of vision and expertise

Transforming the in-vehicle experience with Sony Honda Mobility & Elektrobit

The software-defined approach to vehicle design is what truly set this project apart. This collaboration leaves an indelible mark on the automotive industry. The in-vehicle experience that emerges is unique and highly intuitive, seamlessly integrating audio and camera sensor technologies, gaming, movies, and music content.

The synergistic nature of our partnership allowed for agile development, iterative improvements, and a strong focus on cross-functional collaboration. Breaking the boundaries and not looking back.


Shaping the future of automotive innovation

Elektrobit’s involvement in this transformation isn’t just a one-and-done story; it’s a testimony of the trust Sony instills in us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the automotive industry, and that speaks volumes. The partnership began in 2019 around the development of the first two Sony VISION-S prototype vehicles; the new AFEELA brand vehicles are slated to enter commercial production in 2025.

Our software moves the world. We’re proud to say our software and innovations power over five billion devices in more than 600 million vehicles worldwide.

We bridge the three segments of the emerging software-defined vehicle marketplace: traditional car makers, industry newcomers, and tech giants. Our offerings encompass car infrastructure software, connectivity and security, automated driving, and user experience.

For us at Elektrobit, embracing the software-defined mobility revolution isn’t just a trend; it’s second nature. We thrive on turning visionary ideas into reality and shaping the future of automotive innovation.



Rust, with its focus on memory safety, performance, and reliability, holds immense potential in the automotive industry. By leveraging compatibility with existing code bases, automotive software engineers can harness the benefits of the language while preserving and reusing their valuable code assets. The Rust community’s innovative and collaborative nature, combined with Elektrobit’s competence and expertise, ensures exciting possibilities in the software-defined vehicle landscape.

As part of Elektrobit’s dedication to empowering safety and cyber-security in the automotive industry, embracing Rust stipulates one building block in developing reliable and performant software for the future of vehicles. Stay tuned for more about Rust and our ongoing commitment to supporting Rust in automotive!


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