Partner Synergy: Continental and Elektrobit defining the future of Software-Defined Vehicles

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Partner Synergy: Continental and Elektrobit defining the future of Software-Defined Vehicles

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There is a seismic shift unfolding within the automotive industry, and the evolution toward the Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) has become a defining feature of progress. Elektrobit supported Continental in creating a transformative framework – The Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge). This collaboration aims to lay the groundwork for a new era in software-hardware architecture for SDVs.


The challenge of software-defined vehicles

The automotive industry continues to push boundaries, and the concept behind SDVs continues to develop with continuous development and innovation. However, along with this shift comes a unique set of challenges.

Continental recognized the need for a robust framework, beyond hardware considerations, to support the development of SDVs. The result was the CAEdge framework, a visionary solution designed to address the complexities of the fast-evolving automotive landscape.


Elektrobit’s integral role

Continental sought to utilize Elektrobit’s expertise to integrate their market-proven products into the CAEdge framework. The goal was clear: during the development of integrated hardware/software solutions, the capability to initiate the development process within a virtual environment significantly reduces the development cycle. This is achieved by facilitating early software integration and validation, thereby enabling innovative development concepts such as the digital twin.

The primary focus was to empower OEMs to develop vehicle software, particularly the distinctive applications through virtualized basic software and middleware, this way enabling the digital twin. During the ongoing development of CAEdge, we extended its capabilities by enabling not only software development on the HDK but also virtualizing our OS and middleware to enable both to run in the AWS cloud environment. This allowed CAEdge to offer development in a fully virtualized environment.

Elektrobit’s contributions include EB tresos AutoCore and Safety OS for Classic AUTOSAR, EB corbos for Adaptive AUTOSAR, Linux, Hypervisor, and EB cadian for over-the-air (OTA) software updates. These components seamlessly integrate into the CAEdge development environment, forming a cohesive and effective platform.


The potential of CAEdge

“Software-Defined Vehicles requires accelerated development of customer-facing systems. Elektrobit and Continental have worked together on many HPC projects. We’re now pleased to extend our field-tested products and expertise to all OEMs and Tier 1s in a single, highly integrated solution,” said Martin Schleicher, head of software strategy, Continental. “With CAEdge we are providing a highly integrated solution that enables a quick start and smooth transition to vehicle hardware.”

The collaborative efforts between Elektrobit and Continental yield a multitude of advantages for automotive stakeholders:

  • Accelerated development cycles – CAEdge emerges as the first-of-its-kind SDV framework, allowing OEMs to focus on their core assets. This transformative approach significantly reduces development cycles, providing a competitive edge in the market.
  • Continuous enhancement – Elektrobit’s commitment to innovation ensures the integrated products within the CAEdge framework evolve with industry needs. The inclusion of a virtual Electronic Control Unit (ECU) solution for development and validation exemplifies the nature of this collaboration.
  • Cost and time savings – Virtualization through the integration of Elektrobit’s software stack onto Continental hardware platforms and into the AWS cloud not only reduces development time but also cuts costs. OEMs can allocate resources, towards differentiating software, rather than navigate the intricate process of sourcing and integrating disparate software components.


A glimpse into the future of SDVs

The successful integration of Elektrobit’s software into the CAEdge framework marks a pivotal moment within the automotive industry. This comprehensive software-hardware architecture provides automakers and Tier 1 suppliers with a turnkey solution for developing SDVs. By combining Continental’s high-performance computer (HPC) with Elektrobit’s proven software, the CAEdge framework streamlines the development process, eliminating the need for individual software sourcing and integration.

The integrated solution empowers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to expedite the development of end-user applications—unique features that differentiate their vehicles in a crowded market. Notably, one commercial vehicle OEM was able to commence application development within two weeks of adopting the CAEdge framework, a process that would have taken months using traditional methods.


Toward a connected, collaborative, and sustainable future

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like these become crucial in shaping the future of mobility.

The CAEdge framework offers a blueprint for navigating the complexities of SDVs. It embodies the collective vision of Elektrobit and Continental, showcasing a commitment to moving the automotive ecosystem forward. The journey has just begun, and the synergies between Elektrobit and Continental are poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of Software-Defined Vehicles.



Peer Sterner
Senior Product Manager Cloud & Systems