The road toward UN R155 compliance with Elektrobit

The Road toward UN R155 compliance with Elektrobit

The road toward UN R155 compliance with Elektrobit


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Throughout the automotive industry ecosystem, the road toward innovation intersects with the imperative of cybersecurity. The UN R155 regulation, set to take effect in July 2024, establishes a new paradigm for cybersecurity in road vehicles. In complying with the ISO 21434 standard, OEMs are mandated to ensure cybersecurity not just during development phase of a vehicle, but throughout the entire lifecycle. This blog unveils the impact of UN R155 on the automotive supply chain, and introduces Elektrobit’s cybersecurity solution.


Understanding the requirement

UN R155 sets a new precedent by requiring OEMs to adhere to cybersecurity standards outlined in ISO 21434. However, the reach extends beyond OEMs to every link in the supply chain, from Tier1 to Tier-2 suppliers.

That said, the responsibility rests with the OEMs in making sure their full supply chain adheres to the compliance. The crucial demand is ISO 21434 CSMS Certification for every supplier. Again, this certification is not just about development; it is about sustaining cybersecurity throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.


The cybersecurity maintenance imperative

Meeting the UN R155 requirements demands a proactive stance. Cybersecurity maintenance during the operational phase is not a choice but a necessity. It involves continuous monitoring of threats, swift incident responses, and the capability to update software for a minimum of ten years after the End of Production (EoP).

This maintenance must encompass all software running in the vehicles, ensuring compliance with UN R155 standards.


Our cybersecurity maintenance solution

Elektrobit is your partner in navigating the cybersecurity landscape. Our solution goes beyond compliance to approximately 15 years of cybersecurity maintenance; it is a commitment to keeping your software stack secure and available until the end of its lifecycle.

We monitor threats, evaluate events in both production and the fleet, and provide regular cybersecurity advisories and updates based on a vigilant vulnerability management agreement. Elektrobit ensures your software remains resilient in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.


Suppliers’ cost-effective shield

Prevention is key in the world of cybersecurity. Suppliers offering cybersecurity maintenance for the production version software present the most cost-effective approach.

With an annual fee and a need-based, back-porting fee for fixes, Elektrobit’s solution emerges as the shield against escalating costs. It is not just about compliance; it is about future-proofing your vehicles and embracing a sustainable and secure automotive future.


Going the distance

The road ahead will be more connected and autonomous, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. UN R155 and ISO 21434 set the standards, and Elektrobit offers the solution for compliance.

Secure your software, ensure compliance, and navigate the future with confidence. Remember, suppliers providing cybersecurity maintenance for the production version SW, the most cost-effective way to cover the costs, and the solution is Elektrobit. Your road to cybersecurity excellence begins here.

For more information, check out this 30-minute webinar: Elektrobit’s Gabriel Byman and Tommi Tallgren explain how to achieve compliance with UN regulation 155 throughout the vehicle’s life cycle by obtaining the full support of the entire software supply chain.



Gabriel Byman
Senior Product Manager – Cybersecurity, Elektrobit