How Elektrobit leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud for AV test and validation

September 3, 2020

Elektrobit efficiently and securely orchestrates vast amounts of test drive data with Microsoft Azure and the EB Assist Test Lab


ADAS, automated, and autonomous driving counts as a Herculean task for developers in the automotive industry: using an unruly mix of software tools—some commercially available, others of their own devising—they must process the enormous amounts of data generated by fleets of test vehicles and make use of that data to thoroughly test and finally validate driving functions. The expandable, cloud-based data management platform EB Assist Test Lab provides engineers with the freedom to focus on their actual jobs, making development teams fit for the even more complex tasks in the future.

With Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud platform for the EB Assist Test Lab and operated either via browser or mobile app, EB Assist Test Lab delivers information such as which driving scenarios have already been sufficiently covered—and it does so very quickly. In addition, the Azure-based software features a tool for extracting all metadata contained within the data stream, including types of road, weather during the test drive, and location. Customers can easily add new data formats and analysis functions themselves via plug-ins.

“Since they no longer have to develop so many tools on their own, our customers can achieve tool-cost savings in the very high double-digit percentage range.” – Simon Tiedemann, Product Manager EB Assist Test Lab

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH


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