EB Assist ADTF 3.5.0 released

The Version 3.5.0 of the EB Assist ADTF has been released

Main features of this version:

  • Reworked ADTF Filter SDK
    • Same API for Filters and Streaming Sources / Streaming Sinks
    • We adapted all Programming Examples and Guides to show this usage, please have a look at them how this will simplify your code
  • Reworked ADTF Media Description Package
    • Provide ADTF Media Description Code Generation to create C/C++ headers from a description file using CMake
  • Support for Nanoseconds within ADTF
    • You still can choose between using Mirco- and Nanoseconds
  • Several improvements and bugfixes, please refer to ADTF 3.5.0 Change Log
    • Improve DDL support for ADTF
    • Improve overview and documentation of architecture


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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