EB Assist ADTF3 Device Toolbox 3.2.0 released

The EB Assist ADTF3 Device Toolbox 3.2.0 has been released

Main features:

  • SOME/IP payload decoding and deserialization
  • Provide SOME/IP Service
  • Definition of adtf::devicetb::sdk::someip::ISomeIpDatabase to create own parser
  • Definition of adtf::devicetb::sdk::someip::ISomeIpDecoder to interpret payload
  • Support also RAW/ASCII mode in SOME/IP Trace View when no parser is present
  • Warning: There is no SOME/IP parser delivered within Device Toolbox, only the interface to implement or add an existing one – this is the definition and requirement by customer forum! This means that SOME/IP decoding does not work out of the box and you have to buy or implement a SOME/IP parser solution compatible to provided interfaces! If you have any questions, please contact the support.
  • Common adaptions regarding SDK and delivered components
    • See also The Device Toolbox Filters
    • See also Signal Config Filter Editor (SCFE)
    • Also bus data exchange from/to ADTF 2.14.x using ADTF 3 Support Tool 3.1.0
    • See also The Device Toolbox Filters
    • See also Signal Config Filter Editor (SCFE)
    • This means you have to adapt your dependencies (e.g. adtfsystem files) if you are running an ADTF Session set up with Device Toolbox < 3.2.0
    • Easiest way: Open your project in ADTF Configuration Editor, navigate to System Editor -> Plugins (Release), open the context menu and execute ‘Removal all’ and ‘Look up’. Repeat this for the debug adtfplugins as well
  • Repair encoding and decoding (especially for CAN and CAN FD)
  • Repair ADTF Device Toolbox 2.x Support for CAN and CAN FD recordings from ADTF 2.x
  • Extend CAN and CAN FD to support up to 16 channels
  • Implement missing features for Config Codecs
  • Pack bus specific Streaming Sources and Streaming Sinks in one adtfplugin (CAN, CAN FD and FlexRay)
  • Provide ASC Reader for CAN and CAN FD
  • Documentation, Guides and examples extensions
  • Upgrade External Dependencies
  • Further extensions and bugfixes, please refer to change log


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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