EB Assist ADTF3 Device Toolbox version 3.7.1 released

The EB Assist ADTF3 Device Toolbox version 3.7.1 has been released

Main features:

  • Repair decoding of multplixed FlexRay PDUs
  • Provide a (Substream) decoding for SOME/IP including E2E communication
  • Add a trace view to visualize SOME/IP related data including Autosar PDU, XCP, DLT and friends
  • UDP-IP-Reassembly for SOME/IP and Autosar PDU within SOME/IP Extractor Filter
  • Integrate Autosar PDU support into SOME/IP toolchain
    • Note: This will make all Autosar PDU components deprecated and obsolete – Please switch to SOME/IP !
  • Extend Flexray Support Service to handle multiplexed PDUs
  • Change bus service properties to cFilenameList to use multi file selection editor in ADTF Configuration Editor
  • Provide raw trace mode for CAN and CAN FD
  • Skip license check if no arxml file / parser will be used
  • Add example how to generate messages using JavaScript
  • Autosar PDU Substream Decoder decodes incorrect values (e.g. signal values from BZ and CRC were swapped)
  • FlexRay Signal Decoder returns a warning message on unsupported messages
  • Upgrade External Dependencies
    • Support for ADTF 3.12.7
  • Please refer to ADTF DEVICE TOOLBOX 3.7.1 Change Log


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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