EB’s AUTOSAR basic software

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EB has been a premium AUTOSAR member right from the start. The global industry group cooperates on standards and competes on implementation. This goes hand in hand with our security philosophy of “no security by obscurity”. The security AUTOSAR basic software stack is our toolbox for the use of different security mechanisms.


Optimized footprint and performance

We can serve with different integration scenarios. Our implementations are optimized for a small RAM/ROM footprint that lets you save hardware resources. Alternatively our implementations are optimized regarding performance in order to achieve maximum throughput and lowest possible latency.


Support for all relevant cryptographic algorithms

EB offers embedded software implementation of all necessary cryptographic algorithms. We support a variety of software and hardware peripherals such as SHE and HSM.


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Trusted message exchange within in-vehicle networks

EB’s implementation of the AUTOSAR-secure on-board communication (SecOC) module is the basis for trusted message exchange within in-vehicle networks. In a nutshell, EB zentur SecOC uses a symmetric message authentication code (MAC) based approach to make an explicit statement about the authenticity and integrity of transferred messages.


Maximum flexibility

Our solutions support various integration scenarios and seamlessly integrate into:

  • EB tresos AutoCore
  • EB zentur HSM Firmware
  • Our crypto software libraries
  • JASPAR extensions
  • OEM-specific key management solutions


EB’s embedded security products

Hardware-specific security

Software for hardware security modules

Security for applications

Components on the application layer


Verification and authentication methods



Software for the automotive industry