EB’s security for bootloader


For customized applications, we prepare individual solutions and work with our customers through the complete development process, and thereafter. We help during concept phase and requirements analysis—including design and testing—through documentation, support, and software integration stages.

When it comes to the start of production (SOP), EB aligns with customers and offers comprehensive verification and authentication methods. These methods are for bootloader software to ensure flawless operation regarding start-up, software exchange, and diagnostics.


Comprehensive offering

EB has a complete offering, which includes bootloaders according to various OEM specifications as well as all necessary security extensions:


Verified start-up for secure boot

EB’s solution for bootloader supports a verified or authenticated start-up of the executed software. In case of authenticated start-up the verification takes place in parallel to the execution to speed up the process. Our solution can be integrated seamlessly with our customers boot process and EB zentur HSM Firmware.



Secure software updates

EB offers application code-independent bootloader software. These mechanisms verify the correct download and programming of a software update and feature a standalone cryptographic library. We support all necessary authentication and software verification mechanisms defined by car makers.


Secure diagnostics

EB’s solutions authenticate the communication between the diagnostic client and the ECU. The solutions seamlessly integrate with EB’s bootloader and with EB tresos AutoCore. We offer seed-and-key or token-based authentication methods.



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