Supporting start-up Sono Motors’ economic-friendly EVs with cost-effective infotainment system

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economic-friendly EVs with cost effective infotainment system

The challenges

Sono Motors GmbH founded in 2016, wants every car to be electric and shared. That’s why they invented the Sion, an innovative electric car with integrated solar cells in the body. With the Sion project, they were looking for a partner to develop a cost-effective infotainment system.


The solution


  • With Elektrobit’s UX & UI, and services for Android Automotive, we have contributed to Sono Motors’ three-step approach for the infotainment system. This means each function is available to the user with a maximum of three steps – simple and intuitive.
  • Elektrobit’s UX & UI design services help to create intuitive and compelling user interfaces for any infotainment system.

  • Elektrobit’s services for Android Automotive enable short development time and grant endless access to third-party apps.
  • Elektrobit’s services for Android Automotive allow the personalization for in-car experience to make the ride comfortable, entertaining, and connected.


Statement by Karthik Manjunatha, Director Infotainment, Sono Motors

“Elektrobit was proactive and collaborative in understanding our mental model and transferring to user experience.“

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