JLR’s Next Chapter: Elektrobit’s Software Solutions in Action

The challenge

Today’s leading car makers are challenged to keep pace in the rapid industry transition towards software-defined vehicles.

The solution

Jaguar Land Rover will use Elektrobit’s software platform and Automotive OS offering to build their next-generation EVA Continuum electrical architecture that will be featured in Jaguar Land Rover’s full line of vehicles from 2024. Since 2021, Elektrobit has provided Jaguar Land Rover access to its full real-time computing (RTC) portfolio – including EB tresos with firmware for over-the-air update functionality and EB zentur supporting state-of-the-art embedded security – to enable ECUs for the new Jaguar Land Rover EVA continuum platform architecture. Elektrobit’s engineering services have been an integral part of the relationship with Jaguar Land Rover providing a dedicated team for feature enhancements.

BlackBerry Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) & Elektrobit vehicle software partnership


  • Jaguar Land Rover selected Elektrobit as part of its initiative to drive standardization and predictability in the software platform for the new architecture, which will enable it to bring new vehicles quickly and efficiently to market
  • Using Elektrobit software and engineering services, Jaguar Land Rover has been able to accelerate production of electric vehicles (EVs) and other next-generation cars
  • Elektrobit software and solutions have enabled Jaguar Land Rover to develop electronic control units (ECUs) more easily, reducing both development time for innovative new features, and hidden costs, without compromising quality, safety and security


Elektrobit’s added value

Elektrobit software powers over five billion devices in more than 600 million vehicles. It bridges the three segments of the emerging software-defined vehicle marketplace: traditional car makers, industry newcomers and tech giants, offering car infrastructure software, connectivity and security, automated driving and related tools and user experience. While the software-defined mobility revolution represents a shift in mindset and approach for many, for Elektrobit, it is second nature.


Statement by Maria Anhalt

“It has been truly exciting to work alongside the Jaguar Land Rover team as their software partner of choice in bringing to life the EVA Continuum platform and supporting the realization of their vision,” said Maria Anhalt, CEO, Elektrobit. “Jaguar Land Rover has been pushing the boundaries of innovation by radically transforming its business to build software-defined vehicles. We are proud to be working with Jaguar Land Rover in enabling its next generation of iconic vehicles.”