HL Mando – faster time to market with Elektrobit’s Classic AUTOSAR software

Products: EB tresos
Categories: ECU development & AUTOSAR


The challenge

HL Mando, a global development technology company for brake systems, steering systems, suspension systems, driver assistance systems, and electronics was in need of AUTOSAR-based, safe, and reliable series-production-ready ECU software that is applicable to multiple projects but only requires one license.


  • Increase in requirements: need for one global license for current and future AUTOSAR projects, available for multiple car makers, and applicable to a multitude of ECUs
  • Ongoing complexity: keeping up with ever-accelerating development cycles and assuring on-time delivery


The solution

Elektrobit’s Classic AUTOSAR software, EB tresos AutoCore, made it possible for HL Mando to speed up its time to market. We implemented EB tresos AutoCore, our AUTOSAR-compliant basic software for automotive ECUs, that is ready for development and series production projects. Additionally, having a global license with Elektrobit made it possible for HL Mando to supply multiple car makers faster, improve its delivery time, and reduce its administrative costs.


  • Cost-effective – Having a global concept license for Elektrobit’s AUTOSAR solutions reduces administrative costs. Having software ready for development, update, and available porting, allows a fast response time between car makers and their suppliers.
  • Reduced processing time – Elektrobit makes it possible for Tier 1 suppliers to manage multiple prototype projects involving different car manufacturers with one single license.

Elektrobit’s added value

Elektrobit helped HL Mando to define and establish a reliable and effective solution for its ongoing projects that supply multiple car makers at the same time. Having a prototype project license with Elektrobit allows Tier 1 suppliers to cut down on processing time and act faster on the market.

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