Take a leap: virtualization in future development

Virtualization may become mandatory in future architectures to redesign the vehicle electronics networks with virtual resources ranging from processors to operating systems to data servers. Satish Sundaresan, Head of Global Product Development, Validation for Advanced Driver Assistance gives us insight during his Keynote Speech given at DVCON Europe 2021 in Munich, Germany.



The automotive industry is facing various challenges, from complexities of bringing software-defined vehicles on the road to increasing technical capabilities for autonomous vehicles. Due to the processing power needed to run software-defined functions, software creation goes beyond traditional methods and often, extensively uses artificial intelligence (AI) and evolving sensor technologies.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Reliable and safe technologies
  • Testing and validation requirements
  • The need for virtualization in vehicle development


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“Virtualization in future development” Webinar recording


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Virtualization in future development with Elektrobit

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