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HPCs, Adaptive AUTOSAR and OTA solutions –
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End-to-end solutions to make the next generation connected cars happen

By 2025, about 98% of new sold cars will be connected and thus, offer great potential for elementary changes. The automated connected vehicles will increase passenger safety, reduce environmental pollution, and enable new user experiences through seamless integration with digital lifestyles.
But before connected vehicles can transform this world into a better place we have to adapt our software and even our business models to tackle the challenges that come along and to take full advantage of the potential of connected vehicles.

Efficient and profitable products for vehicle lifecycle management

Elektrobit provides a set of reliable, flexible and scalable services and software components to securely connect vehicles and enable services like remote diagnostics and software updates over the air.

Created to meet complexity – because vehicles are way more than smartphone on wheels

EB’s decade-long expertise in AUTOSAR, automotive security, backend operations, and vehicle diagnostics shaped this solution. The cutting-edge technology supports various operating systems, such as AUTOSAR, Linux, or QNX. By also supporting Adaptive AUTOSAR, the products enable – already today – vehicle life cycle management of tomorrow’s connected cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles and two-wheelers.

EB’s product portfolio for secure connected cars

Remote data collection

EB cadian Analytics

Enable remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance with EB cadian Analytics. EB’s end-to-end software solution for collecting, evaluating and handling vehicle data is created to minimize data handling efforts and data exchange costs.

Connected vehicle security

EB’s security concept

Our concept covers all the layers affected inside and outside the vehicle environment: individual components and ECUs, bus systems inside the vehicle, external interfaces and protocols (including WLAN, for example) as well as end-to-end encryption and protection of all relevant services.

Software updates OTA

EB cadian Sync

Over-the-air updates are the method of choice for distributing everything from infotainment system features to operating system security patches and ECU updates. With EB cadian Sync, we offer a reliable, scalable, flexible, and secure toolchain for software and firmware updates OTA.

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