Connected car engineering services

Connected car engineering services

Connected car engineering services

Customized cloud components for scalable backend solutions

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Reliable backend solutions

Moving functionalities into the backend reduces the complexity of embedded functionalities on the E/E architecture. This process allows to implement changes faster and reduces costs. Elektrobit is uniquely positioned to offer backend and cloud infrastructures as well as all necessary services to run, maintain, and create those infrastructures. We have over a decade of experience with client-server systems. Our client and server solutions are used by major car makers and have been incorporated into established manufacturing infrastructures.

Connected car engineering services experts

You should know that…

  • We offer our customers 24/7 availability.
  • You only pay for what you use.
  • We have a strict zero-tolerance-for-defects policy.
  • We use fully automated testing and deployment, guaranteeing consistently high software quality.
  • The backends we host are usually based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, so we have excellent global coverage.
  • Our agile teams work according to DevOps principles.

Advantages with Elektrobit

Highest flexibility

Our solutions can be deployed where they are needed. Run our software in your own data center (completely or partially) or in the cloud–or let Elektrobit operate the services for you.

Highly-scalable software architecture

We offer deep experience in writing distributed and stateless services that can run in large clusters and across multiple data centers. This approach allows for optimal scalability of your customized cloud.


The combination of horizontal and auto-scaling provides the necessary elasticity to deal with unforeseen load-peaks for your connected services.

Monetize big data and machine learning

The amount of data generated is growing dramatically with increased connectivity including supply chain data, car sensor data, customer behavior information etc. However, not all data is equal. And handling data can be expensive. Elektrobit helps customers to develop big data strategies that make sense and deliver ROI.

  • Use of real-time and batch processing technologies
  • Scalability through use of the latest distributed processing technologies
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of the automotive industry
  • Data mining experience

Gain trust with security

Secure connections are the cornerstone of new connected car business models. Elektrobit’s security offering covers all the layers affected inside and outside the vehicle environment. In the area of cyber security, Elektrobit is partnered with ARGUS to prevent cyberattacks in vehicles.

Protect privacy

Research shows that a big concern for connected car drivers is their privacy. Elektrobit offers consulting on the anonymization of data to increase privacy without losing the data value. We can help you build privacy into your design.

A holistic approach to support your connected solutions development

Connected car engineering services: Verification and validation

Verification and validation

Verification and validation services

Elektrobit’s connected validation approach integrates robust testing of onboard components, back end, and mobile applications. We apply standardized approaches and scalable solutions to the complex architectures of remote diagnostics services and secure over-the-air update functions.

Connected car engineering services: Consulting

Consulting services

Elektrobit Consulting

Our consulting services are backed by an established, global software company with more than 1500 experts and a broad portfolio of products and solutions as well as operational experience in successful projects.

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