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Elektrobit is an industry-leading supplier of automotive software and has had a proven record in embedded and connected software development for over two decades. We are a globally-operating company with our headquarters in Germany and branches in Asia, Europe, and North America.

In China, the world’s largest and fastest growing automotive market, Elektrobit is present in the capital city Beijing and in the modern metropolis Shanghai.

In our branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai there are over 100 software engineers who focus on our AUTOSAR solutions, navigation and HMI development, and on integration and validation in the infotainment area.

Cutting-edge topics like connected car cloud-based services and autonomous driving are also ramping up rapidly to serve the fast growing market needs.

China Team

Image: Elektrobit’s team 2017 spring outing

Meet the team – Employee testimonials

Yuan Jiajia

Yuan Jiajia, Team Manager

“I started at Elektrobit, in 2011, as a Senior Test Engineer working on the China variant for a huge navigation project for an international OEM. Although we met a lot of challenges, we could ensure a successful SOP, and I learned a lot about Elektrobit’s navigation technology and products and really enjoyed the global team cooperation. I gained great experience to discuss topics with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers which gave me the confidence and ability to start a new role as Project Manager. It was also an amazing experience to build up a team for global map compilation here in China. Elektrobit has provided so many opportunities to grow my career, and now I’m the Team Manager for Infrastructure of Center of Competence in Shanghai which brings me more challenges and responsibilities. But with the very good support of our great team here I can continue to develop my career. I am confidently looking forward to having more and more Elektrobit products on the road.”

Jiayan Zheng, Software Engineer

“I love working at Elektrobit! I joined the Elektrobit family in 2015, attracted by its many cutting-edge automotive software projects, and initially worked on map compilation. My successes with that project led to being asked to join the HAD (Highly Automated Driving) project starting in 2018. I believe there is much opportunity at Elektrobit for advancement and personal growth. It is wonderful to be able to work on many different products and projects, with talented colleagues and managers. Elektrobit is supportive and provides excellent training.”

Vicky Dong, Project Manager

“During the five years at Elektrobit, I have had the chance to experience different roles in different projects. Within each role, I have been surrounded by people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to ensure the project tasks are accomplished successfully. I can always receive support from everyone, no matter if they are in the project team or not, to investigate the issues, resolve the challenges, and meet the customers’ needs. We have a culture of taking our own responsivity and supporting each other to the best. Since I joined Elektrobit, the working environment has helped me grow personally and professionally. Now, as a Project Manager, I believe we can resolve all issues with such a nice and professional team.”

Chandler Liu, Senior Expert

“I joined Elektrobit in May 2015, and my passion for ECU basic software has led me to positions of increasingly responsibility here. I have been encouraged, every step of the way, to follow my passion. Following one year as a software developer for AUTOSAR and OSEK projects, I was promoted to project manager for OSEK service projects. Today, I am a proud leader of Elektrobit’s global OsekCore business. It is very exciting to work with my team to expand the customer base for Elektrobit’s ECU software, as well as develop new applications for next-generation vehicles.”

Jingxue Yang, Senior Software Engineer

“I’m surrounded by people who are helpful and good at cooperating. No one would hesitate to ask questions and we discuss issues together, no matter if they are technical or process issues. We have a consensus that anyone who finds any valuable information will classify it and share it with the whole group. We can always get the support from our managers in time, and we have the autonomy to choose how to best accomplish the work. I think we all have a good understanding of a win-win. Working in such an environment makes me feel comfortable and focused.”

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Our contact details:

Elektrobit Automotive Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2205 Wentong Building
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Yangpu District, Shanghai 200082
Tel: +86 21 50431951
Fax: +86 21 50431953

Branch Office Beijing

Ying Du Building, Tower A, Floor 28
48 Zhi Chun Road
Hai Dian District, Beijing 100186
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