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We are an industry-leading supplier of automotive software with a proven record in embedded and connected software development spanning more than three decades. Our headquarters is in Germany, and we have branches in Asia, Europe, and North America. One office is located in Finland.

Our office in Finland has about 300 software professionals who are well-known for breakthrough technology, and as cooperative and competent colleagues. Our work contributes to making the future of mobility more safe, economical, ecological – and more fun.

Together, we make this happen in our international, knowledgeable, and easy-going software community in Oulu, along with our remote hub in Rovaniemi.


Staying flexible, trust-based, fun, and always professional is our way of working. Our leaders are supportive, and want you to enjoy the important work you do; helping you succeed in the best way possible.

We also offer you a wide range of employee benefits. With us, you can take your know-how to next level in a supportive environment: develop your competencies and strengthen your expertise in interesting job opportunities alongside skillful colleagues.

We always look for talented and competent people that share our culture and values to join our team. Interested? Take a look at our open positions in Finland!



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Meet the team – Employee testimonials

Maciej Sobociński

“I started working for Elektrobit Oulu in January 2020 as a Software Engineer for a new project ordered by one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. It was both exciting and challenging as this was my very first software-related job. Fortunately, the supportive spirit of the team quickly eased my worries. Furthermore, the rapidly expanding project offered new opportunities to grow, and thus I became team’s PO and technical writer. I love what I’m doing, and I feel like my work has direct impact on other people, including millions of car users.

The overall atmosphere at work is fantastic and not even the 2020 coronavirus pandemic could spoil it. The workload is adequate, and the requirements are clear. The office is spacy, and the equipment is top-notch. Moreover, the company has vibrant social life with people from dozens of different cultures and a nice set of benefits. I’m warmly recommending Elektrobit as a workplace.“


Ukko Finning, Senior Software Engineer

“I started as a software engineer in the Hybrid Navigation Team, and after that I have worked for Routing and now Electronic Horizon in a multi-site team. I enjoy my work and find it meaningful – day by day we make the world a safer and eco-friendlier place. It is important to be constantly curious, eager to learn, and read up on new research.

We have a very good spirit at the Oulu office – the office is modern, there is enough room for everyone and collaboration is good. The growing field of business and the top-notch people make Elektrobit the best place to be – it is so cool to be part of the future and newest innovations!”


Tero Maijala, Expert

“I started at Elektrobit in 2017 to work in the automotive business in Oulu. Our branch office was growing and has thus provided a lot of opportunities. I started to develop AUTOSAR modules which at the beginning felt like a huge challenge, but I received a lot of encouragement and support to keep on learning and pushing my boundaries. After a while, I became the technical lead of our module development team. In general, I enjoy working in the automotive industry as we deal with topics that drive the future. I want to leave my mark on the future and do something meaningful, something that touches our daily lives. Elektrobit offers great opportunities and provides also the possibility to balance your workload when, for example, your personal life requires it. For me, Elektrobit is a great place to work at.”


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