Elektrobit facilitates augmented reality development in automotive industry

January 8, 2018

Augmented reality for the automotive head-up display

LAS VEGAS (CES), January 8, 2018 – Elektrobit (EB), a leading developer of cutting-edge, embedded and connected technology solutions for the automotive industry, today announced EB arware to simplify the creation of augmented reality (AR) functions in automated and connected vehicles.
The completely platform- and sensor-agnostic framework allows car makers and suppliers to use their existing software and hardware to provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Our roadways are abundant with information. While modern advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) help drivers maneuver complex situations and predict the movement of traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists, drivers must still be able to interpret this information and react accordingly. AR can ease this burden by communicating this critical information via a head-up display (HUD).

EB arware simplifies this process. The framework works in real time with a vehicle’s sensors, ADAS and electronic control units (ECU) to collect and fuse the data from its surroundings into useful information, which is augmented onto the HUD. EB arware makes it possible to easily and efficiently visualize all relevant information in one place. This reduces driver distraction and encourages trust between the driver and vehicle.

“Augmented reality is opening new doors for car makers and drivers alike, but implementing it can be intimidating,” says Martin Schleicher, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Management at EB. “We realize that car makers invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the best hardware for their vehicles, which is why creating an independent framework was a top priority for us. With EB arware, car makers can offer their customers a safer and more comfortable driving experience without having to procure new hardware .”

EB arware works seamlessly with the multimodal HMI development toolkit EB GUIDE. By combining the two, car makers can further accelerate their AR development and create an immersive UI unique to their brand.

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