EB Assist ADTF 3.6.2 released

The Version 3.6.2 of the EB Assist ADTF has been released

Main features of this version:

  • Support for new platform Windows 10
    • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2017
    • Upgrade to toolchain VC141
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.12.4
    • See System Requirements
  • Usability updates for ADTF Configuration Editor
    • Provide a Home View as configurable start up Dashboard
    • Redesign Streaming Graph Editor / Filter Graph Editor
    • Redesign System Editor
    • Redesign Settings Editor
    • Option to switch to a dark theme
    • Optimization for validation
    • Keyboard and quick launch support for sessions and tools
    • Read Only Mode for Runtime Users
  • API improvements
    • Extend property handling, see our Properties of ADTF Components how to use them
    • Extend function set to completely describe your component in code (almost no need to merge plugin description file), see our guide Generate Plugin Description
    • Provide a ADTF Testing Package with useful helper classes and Test Demo Data Trigger to show how to test a Filter with Catch2
  • Rework API for ADTF JavaScript Filter and ADTF QtQuick Filter
    • Adapt the Javascript SDK to our Filter SDK, see adtf::javascript::giant for details
    • Add display as widget to ADTF Qt XSystem
    • Provide interface to share display (see Demo Qt Shared Session)
    • Rework sample handling (sample.data)
    • Improvements for the JavaScript Editor
    • Adapt our guides to these changes (see Javascript Filter, QtQuick Filter and Javascript QtQuick Example)
  • Deserialization for dat files with Video Compression from ADTF 2.x Video Compression Toolbox
    • Demo ADTF2 Video Decompressor Filter
    • Demo ADTF2 Compressed Video Deserializer
    • Demo Deserializer Support Service

This version includes also improvements from releases ADTF 3.6.0 and 3.6.1, due to short term changes:

  • Hotfixes for header generation from description file
    • correct alignment specification for decreasing size using packed attribute
    • replace names if this leads to invalid C/C++ identfifier ( for example ‘adtf.core.media_type’)


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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