EB Assist ADTF version 3.12.6 released

EB Assist ADTF version 3.12.6 has been released

Main features:

  • Improvements in ADTF Configuration Editor
    • Repair auto-connect after launching additional sessions
  • Common adaptions regarding SDK and delivered components
    • Improve streaming performance
    • Fix calculated values for ADTF Sample Stream Tracer RPC
    • Extend user information within ADTF Playback Service regarding referenced files
    • Repair CMake call to find ADTF File Library / IFHD using find_package(ADTF COMPONENTS adtf_file) and friends
    • Repair deserialization of plain types from ADTF 2.x
  • Upgrade our external base libraries
    • Support for ADTF File Library (IFHD) 0.7.2
  • Please refer to ADTF 3.12.6 Changelog


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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