EB Assist ADTF version 3.13.1 released

EB Assist ADTF version 3.13.1 has been released

Main features:

  • Changes in ADTF Configuration Editor
    • Handle errors on startup and prevent blocking UI/Splash Screen****
    • Avoid recursive including of graph itself
    • Correct refresh of graph properties
    • Repair lost content on resizing Property Editor
  • Common adaptions regarding SDK and delivered components
    • Decouple timers to avoid locks
    • Repair ADTF Substream Dissector to handle requests on substreams output for normal sample streams on input
    • Improve playback performance
    • Allow startup without setted adtfdat file
    • Extend ADTF JavaScript and QtQuick Filter with Macro support (see adtf::javascript::scripting::cScriptMacros)
    • Handle not not specifed multicast group within IPC UDP Multicast Receiver
  • Upgrade our external base libraries
    • Support a_util 5.6.2 (to avoid conflicts using different pugixml)
  • Please refer to ADTF 3.13.1 Changelog


This version is available on the EB Command server.

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