EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF – Version 1.1.0 released

Try out our newest version of EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF 1.1.0 for free!

EB robinos is a comprehensive, hardware-agnostic framework for highly-automated driving (HAD) systems. Using EB robinos lets you control and manage the increasing complexity of HAD systems and bring them to market quickly.

EB robinos provides a software framework with open interfaces and software modules. The modular and scalable approach integrates customer or third-party software with ease, accelerates and optimizes your of HAD system development.

This release supports two different platforms:

EB robinos for AUTOSAR

  • Dempster-Shafer-based Grid Fusion
  • A* based Path Planning
  • Message Bus communication for AUTOSAR


EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF

  • Grid Fusion supporting Dempster-Shafer and Bayes based occupancy fusion as well as height maps
  • Path Planning supporting A*, Rapidly-Exploring-Random-Tree, Reeds-Shepp algorithms as well as graph based A* planning based on OSM maps
  • Safety Management software component to support checking of data streams for safety relevant systems
  • Positioning for decimeter-grade vehicle positioning based on interoceptive and geo-referenced sensor data

The EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF modules can be experienced in the trial version on your own machine. You will find example configurations for a hands-on experience.

Visit www.try-eb-robinos.com for your free EB robinos download.

Learn more about EB robinos here.

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